32,500 Lumen Acebeam X80GT

Hi all,

This is the new 2018 version of the X80. For a light you could jacket pocket carry it’s darn impressive.

What do you think, is the extra power a benefit or do you prefer the colors option?

Well, at least the DX80 lived up to it's reputation as a reliable light! The Acebeam packs quite a punch for it's size that's for sure.

8^) light, and another very nice video, thanks.

I wished that:

  1. I could afford the X80GT
  2. I could afford the 18 XHP50’s that it takes to change the light into 4000K 80 CRI.

Another nice video from you! Those are definitely very fun lights! They get a wow even from flashaholics.
I would prefer XHP-35 HIs and maybe TIR lenses.

Nice vid as usual! Did you edit it yourself? Just out of curiosity, what video editing software do you use?

Great video and review! This little guy does put out the light for such a compact unit. I have one and was surprised by the build quality. I’ve had no problems. Performs well.

Only correction I would make, according to the documentation that came with my X80-GT, the “moonlight mode” when you hold it for a second when off is 200 lumens, and the single click low is 1,000 lumens.

Picture here: https://imgur.com/a/1NS6kMV

Other than that, I love my X80-GT! I use it daily and haven’t had any reliability issues yet.

from 2008 - 2018. wonder what 2028 will look like? might have to do the last review in 2023 :slight_smile:

really enjoy these excellent videos, many thanks!

Great wow light, my TA-Tube and KG-Tube both record the X80-GT higher at turn on than the DX80.

Someone needs to drop it 30m into a clear lake, Scannerguy?

Does Imalent ever deliver a working flashlight? I think I’ve seen more broken units than working

Mine worked when it was delivered.

Unfortunately it died less than two weeks later!!! :FACEPALM:

Actually surprised how small that light is!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Imalent just sucks, ive read so many failed dx80 etc, now even vobs light didnt work either, atleast not the highest mode… pretty sad i think their new lights will also malfunction the same… they shouldnt make lights if they just random die just like that… thats not a light u can count on… any company can make high lumens big deal eh, but too make good quality seems not their strongest side… And also seems a pita to get actual CS from them and help getting new light/head replaced fixed or whatever….

I quit buy anything Imalent after that POS HR20 headlamp with the rotary dial from 2 years ago. They never did warrant the two that failed on me. Both ended up in the trash can.

Thanks for the feedback gang. About the imalent. I seriously thought I was like the only one LOL! Till now I had not heard any reports of failure. I guess it would do me some good to read on the forums a little better……

My x80GT just broke, killed 2 batteries in the process and it make a squeak noise when it went, be careful I don’t know what happened but it was bad

ouch :frowning: that much lumens probably pushes the batteries over the limit ? hope u can get it replaced.

Great review as always VOB! :slight_smile:

I have that same headlamp, and use it a lot. been banging it around since last year, used it many many times for over night trips, and it never failed me once. Same goes for the DX80 i have. always worked perfectly. While some have had bad luck with them, all my Imalent lights work great. In my instance, every Sunwayman light i ever bought/had all failed or arrived DOA. The only Acebeam (Supbeam) i had so far was the X40, which was a total failure with the unbalanced charging fiasco, then its magnetic ring started to give problems. Right now that light is in pieces in a junk box. I may look into the X80GT sometime in the future though when i can afford it.

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