32mm 7x XML driver needed... options?


I have a UniqueFire S7 that, until recently, worked fairly well (under-driven) with the factory driver, but apparently, it just died over the weekend.

There is hope! I tested each individual emitter last night and found that one of the XM-L emitters had died. I'll be proceeding with an emitter swapout and see if that gets the light back online. Unfortunately, this uses the thin 14mm boards, so I'll likely be reflowing an emitter so they are all at the same height.

This is a clone of the J18, with 7X XM-L emitters. It uses a 32mm driver though, with emitters connected in series. Are there any options other than the KD Beast with the stripped original driver as a contact plate? If the Beast can be made to fit, should I use the 7x model or the 9x model? I'm not planning on upgrading to XM-L2s on Noctigons at the current time, so what's best option?

I know almost nothing about the KD “beast” drivers but I know the 9x has a tendency to die after ~10 minutes, I would get the 7x over it for sure.

There may be other options, what cell configuration are you planning on running?


Might be just a bit too big. Does that clone have a 2-piece head?

I can't recommend either the 7x or the 9x KD drivers. Expensive and unreliable.

Light takes 2x or 3x 26650s. I would prefer to continue running the 3X combination if possible but would drop down to the 2x if necessary.

I really hope there are some options out there as I really want to get this light back online again...

Sorry to revive this thread, but it's probably better to keep all relevant info in the same thread.

I'm looking for a 32mm 7x driver. Has there been any new releases, or is the HBFlex still the most reliable option?


I’d say HBFlex is still probably the best bet for that application, but note that it needs to be bonded (glued or thermal taped) to a flat surface to provide a proper a heat sink path. This can be challenging for flashlight applications where drivers are often pressed into a pill and only have edge contact with the pill.