3400mAh 18650 (Panasonic NCR18650B)


3400mAh / 4.35V edit: some people claim it to be 4.2V not 4.35V.


My TR-001 charger might fully charge these if I left it on there long enough....

Anyone wanna order one and test how much capacity if charged to 4.2? :)

I suggested HKJ to test them (in “the other place”), he usually tests 4.35V cells at 4.2V too. :Р

Ah.. here it is finally! Panasonic new batteries out per schedule, nice.

I won't be taking these yet. Next year it's 4000mah 18650...

Best i can charge them to with my hobby charger 106B+ is 4.30 volt with out changing the calibration, im hoping for a firmware update to fix that soon, but buy not charging them the xtra 0.5 volt they should last longer just not sure if you would get all the 3400 mAh out of them

If they can keep on their R&D pace, no guarantees though, they may hit a wall and not be able to get there next year.

I'm curious too,just wondering if the 300 mah difference would be worth a bother or not.Tests need to be done for me to bite on these,4000 mah,now your talkin!

That makes the 26650 even more redundant doesn't it. But well done Panasonic.

And lets not forget that soon the ebay sellers will have made R&D progress too - I foresee them to peddle the 6400 mAh capacity 18650 battery very soon :p

Yes and no im not sure every one will be able to charge to 4.35 volt to get the full 3400 mAh.

The old panisonics where great but i was never a fan of the 2.5 volt cut off and in most torches 3 or 6 volts was about as low as i could go, so i oftern could not use all yhe mAh.

Now these new ones have a devent cut off of 2.75 volt, but fully charged at 4.35 volt is a bit of a turn off and im not sure if all lights will handel the extra .15 vot but it is very minor.

I still think 26650's batteries will have the advantage with 750 to 1000 more mAh but they have the disavantage of size, weight and needing new chargers. Right now i think the 26650's are the go.

The 26650 might be a passing fad, but in time as they improve to even high mAh it woud benifit us well.

Interesting.. space-cowboy claims that it's 4.2V, not 4.35V. That'd be even more amazing, because no special chargers would be needed.

Looking around I also found this site with specifications.

I found the same info a couples of minutes ago;

I just find this, but someones clain 691 w/hl for the B

I found them 50 of them for 475 dollars. :P


These are 4.20v with 2.50v cutoff, just like the 3100’s.

I believe this is more likely too, given the same anode/cathode material.

The 4000mAh is more likely to be different, since anode is changed from carbon to silicone. Then maybe the max V will be increased.

But Panasonic hasn’t released the datasheet yet, so all these are just speculations at best.

Benckie, you think Imax B6 (and clones) can be reflashed to accomodate higher voltage charging?

I’ve confirmed it with a Panasonic supplier. The next jump, yes, the voltage will likely be different…

Just like the Sony 3500mAH…

Have I missed something?
More info, please, you just made me curious as hell :Р