3535packaging 365nm led beads on sale

365nm led

and i add S2 365nm flashlight on sale
here is the link


Looks good if it is really 365nm or very close to it. Hope Djozz gets some to test…

of course true 365nm,friend ,and i also have 395

Nice new option! I think the news is not so much the led (I would not expect it to perform better than the intl-outdoor one that I tested, and certainly not Nichia or Ledengin level), but that here a complete 365 nm flashlight is offered for less than $20. It would have been nicer though if it was a AA-format light (like the Tank007 uv-lights), the current draw and output of such a led is not needing a 18650 battery, and runtime is not relevant for a uv-light (IMO).

7 modes in the S2?

you dont need modes in UV ,just on / off.

I think just two modes will do it for a UV light (or just one, enable via star (or vise versa?)) (10,100?)

What is the 10% mode for?

close-up work? because you can?

I just ordered a LED Engin LZ1 365nm to put in a Convoy M2 host. Maybe you could offer something high powered like that in the future?

The Watts/dollar number will be way better for these chinese leds, and I do not see a reason for Convoy to put a 35 dollar led in a 10 dollar host (for that you need a BLF lunatic )

They could market the high powered version as a NDT UV flashlight. Google how much they cost and you’ll see what I’m talking about (right up there with durable medical goods). Don’t forget the optional Rosco Permacolor Dichroic Filter #3660.

If you want something to look at security strips in money, then the little 365nm light that Convoy makes now is perfect.


ok,i supply three options now

driver :(three options,default option1)

1).7135*3 three mode(5%/30%/100%)

2).7135*3 seven mode (10\20\30%40\60\80\100)

3).7135*3 single mode

Can we get this 365nm in the S2+ red?


I received a parcel Convoy S2 UV 365nm.
Quality, as always at height.

now to find a lense that will pass uv.most plastic and glass does not.
going to order these.

I thought that normal glass passed UV fine?