38 LED E27 Bulb for 2$ inc. shipping at Tomtop




You can select between 110V and 220V

Also notice, this is probably COOL white, not those warmer ones.

Might not be too bright overall, but I think this might fit to "deal" category because it is only 2$ shipped.

These never survive more than few months

Welcome to the world of Budget, Milan!

You never really know what you're going to get unless someone makes a test with them...

...and even after that, things & product batches can change. :)

My previous purchases of this kind have been working but some of them have lost a lot lumens, some have annoying PWM (this also most likely).

Many of them are of unpleasant tint or lowish light output.

These are far from being made for illuminating rooms etc. most likely suitable for nightlights or warehouse or such.

BTW Milan, want to make a bet, how long it will burn continuously? ;)

Anyone? :)

Milan, which ones have you bought and how have they ended their service, what exactly went wrong with them?

Anyway, for 2$ a piece I took 2.

They're a bunch of liars anyway. Bought a light from their greedbay listings and all of a sudden it was out of stock. So they're listing stuff they don't have.

Right to Paypal with that one!


I have more than a little experience in home LED light bulbs. My house has well over 300 bulbs... all LED now. Those multi-led bulbs aren't worth the plastic they are made out of. Of all the styles of LED bulb, those are the absolute worst! I haven't met a Chinese bulb worth crap, even the good ones are crap compared to a decent bulb made by a name brand maker (hint: Sylvania/Light Science Group, Philips).

See my experiences/recommendations at: My adventures in LED home lighting If I knew then what I know now, I could have saved a couple grand (even so, I spent 1/4 of what it would have cost me buying bulbs at Home Depot.

Yeah, these are most likely good for nightlights - if they work.

I had one of this kind purchased locally, paid over 10$. Still works but not much light, bad tint etc...

I use good quality CFL tubes for proper lightning. 940.

When L-Prize LED bulbs are coming available in reasonable prices, I think I will try them.

Problem is, house we live now has only 2 E27 sockets. Others are plafond -like or CFL-tube housings.

There is no such thing as a good CFL tube

Sounds like you need to get a different house...

I still think proper CFL tubes are the best for purpose.

Of course you can use incans but if you don't need the heat like at summertime in here...

House is going to change sooner or later (we can't fit in here too long anymore...).

Lack of E27 is problem if you like to test E27 lights but otherwise, I think it is just a good thing :)

E27 is in many ways a compromise and many modern bulbs suffer from the format, at least in some ways.

Welcome to the club, Milan!

One nice thing about E27 is it is pretty much the most universal electrical thing on the planet. Every place seems to use a different wall jack, but you can find an E27 socket pretty much anywhere on the planet. I know of a lot of sophisto/military/emergency equipment that includes an E27 power input option. Remove bulb, screw power adapter into socket, you're good to go.

Aloha and welcome to BLF Milan!

I see you dont take no as an answer, for only a buck more you can get the 3x1W metal ones. These contain driver at least = dont flicker and work for some time, when you apply thermal paste (which is mostly missing) and make sure the led star/plate has good thermal contact with the metal body.

yes, I agree here, the problem with these multileb bulbs is they dont contain driver, just resistor and capacitor which is lame and also dangerous way of making led bulb.

Failure is only a matter of time since all the leds are connected in serial which means one fails = dead bulb.

But failure is the better option, second is starting fire. I have 30or so x 5050 bulb nasty burned that you might like to see...

No. It is the most efficient way (I don't want these bulbs).

its very efficient in filling landfils

The problem with this bulb is not the driver. The problem is little power (I guess 1.2W), little light. Not worth 2$.