3A 22mm Driver Options? Necessary to glue driver in?

Looking for a 3A 22mm driver to put into a Nitecore MH25, seems like my only reasonably priced choice is a Convoy 22mm 12 group SST40 driver and then replace the sense resistor with a R040. Are there any other options for linear 3A driver? I’m a little worried about accidently desoldering some of the smaller components next to the sense resistor.

Last issue, the driver is glued in. Does it matter if I glue the replacement in? It sits on a tiny lip, maybe 0.5mm max and the battery tube would help hold it in place once screwed in. Is it okay if glue gets on the outer copper ring opposite of the spring side of the driver?

If it matters, think I will be using a Nichia 319a for this light.

Idk much about nitecore and now i remember why wow that’s an expensive light for what it is. If it’s broken there might be a warranty.

If not and you just want to mod it, you know you’ll lose the onboard charging with that driver eh? If thats not an issue, you don’t have to change resistors if you’re cool with using the flashlight in one of the 3 modes that caps out at 50%.

Have you looked at the drivers on kaidomain? They have a ton in the lower current range that are cheaper than convoy’s.

But why the 319a? And why the 3amp limit? Put in a 519a and leave the driver where it is. Plus get high CRI. Are you sure that’s a 3535 LED in there now though? Looks kinda big. If it’s a 5050 you can still replace it with either/or but you have even more options. Lots of 5050’s that can handle 5-6amps no problem.

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It is well past warranty if there was one, I also already took apart the light and messed with it because it was broken and didn’t think I’d ever fix it, don’t think they would honor the warranty after that if it still has one. I’m not a fan of the twist to turbo feature, makes for flickering issues on the other modes that make the light cycle through modes.

Don’t need onboard charging, and would prefer if the “high” 30-35% mode was around 1A, would also put the “med” 10% at 300mA. If I did the 50% max on that driver, would make “high” 600mA and med only 60mA. I could always try the 6A driver as is though, and try to change resistor later if I don’t like it.

The only linear 22mm driver I see on Kaidomain is similar to the Convoy driver but 5A and fewer modes.

Wanted to try a 319a. 3A limit to keep heat down, I believe the stock driver is 3A, and can run on “high” all day and heat never makes it to the battery tube, so never feel it. Also plenty bright with the stock driver with good runtime. The MH25 has a 5050, XML stock, but I’m going to get an LED pre attached to the MCPCB to replace it since it needs a new LED anyway.

I already have a 519a Convoy S3 and H1, and I do like the 519a, just wanted to try a different LED. Driver is broken as well, just wanted to see if I could give this light new life since it seems to handle heat better than the S3.

Also the MH25 has a forward clicky switch, not sure if that would be an issue with driver choice.

Does the upper (opposite spring side) outer contact ring need good contact with the light? just wondering if I need to be careful where I put adhesive if I glue it back in.

Thanks for the reply