3AA To D Battery holders

I have some 3AA to D battery holders I am considering selling, if there seems to be an interest. $2/each plus shipping.

I bought them for a project I’m working on, a 1D flashlight, and I decided I can also just sell the battery holders, as some might be interested in them for some project they might be working on. They are wired in series. You can use 3 AA of any battery type.


Addendum: (Here is a direct link to my shopping cart for this battery holder: Product Listing Battery Holders ) First Class shipping available.

Are these suitable for high currents (3 amps)?

I will take 4.

+1 and can more than 1 be used in series? for example to make 6aa=2d?

if so i will take 2

Yes, you would just stack them the same way you would stack 2 D batteries.

Wow! Fast response.

Anyway, should be fine for 3 amps, I’ll see if I can dig up the specs. In series is fine. Li-Ion or alkaline or NIMH or Limn, whatever. I don’t remember at the moment what the amperage limit is, but just by the looks of the springs and connections and all, I’d think it would not be over 5 or 6 amps, but not sure, I’ll get back with info if I can find it.

I have 100 or so in stock. If I run out I’ll just order more.

I will put these up on my shopping cart for sale. You can just order online, I only take paypal payment online. If you want to pay by check you can email me and we can work out details.


this is great wayne! i was just eyeing an old 2d mag ive had since summer… turns out i need a few adaptors for the mod i decided on earlier today! good timing!

Can you provide a link for online purchase?
What will be shipping cost to Turkiye for 3-4 holders.

Good to hear it. I used to sell a lot of different kinds of parts for mods, battery holders, LEDs, boost circuits, optics and reflectors, heat sinks, etc, but, over time I just got away from it and have focused more on selling completed flashlights. I could consider selling this kind of stuff again. Because I started out as a modder, I know what kinds of things we like for such things.

The direct link to my shopping cart for battery holders is:


I’ll put the link in the first post, too.

Or you can just go to my shopping cart, you’ll see the Battery Holders section.

I have allowed First Class shipping, to try and help save you money on shipping costs. These are not very heavy.

I actually have lots of many different kinds of battery holders, mostly AA battery holders, I could put them up for sale, they do me no good sitting on the shelves in storage.


the only option before check out is priority for 7.95?

It’s easiest for me if you order online. I only use paypal for online payment. Shipping cost is calculated automatically, First Class Shipping is available to save you money. If you cannot order online, send me an email. (PM is not a good way for me to keep in contact.)


Try again for shipping, First Class should be available, I might have got it up after you tried to order?. If not, email me about it so I see your response and I’ll try and correct the problem.


My web site main page is www.elektrolumens.com

At the top of the page is a link to my shopping cart. At the bottom of the page is my address, email, phone number.



To Turkiye, probably you could select Priority Flat Rate Small box, I think it’s around $15 or so, approximately, not sure the exact dollar amount. No tracking or insurance, but, not a high dollar item and probably not much risk.


email sent… still no go for first class

email sent…No First Class option for me either

Please try again, I just received an order online, and First Class is the method, so, it is working now, for first class. BTW, includes tracking.


I just sent Pay Pal for six.... Thanks !!!

Edit... First Class was working ok.