3D Maglite clone. What should I do with it?

I just got this for RM39 ($10) at my local store and it feels pretty decent compared to the real deal
I bought this with modding in mind but I then realize, I don’t know what mods I wanted to do.

I took a trip to my nearest ace hardware to compare with a real 3D and these weigh noticeably more.
Couldn’t do much comparison as they wouldn’t allow me to disassemble them so…

Head seems similar to a Maglite

bulb was in terrible shape imo
the bulb holder was enclosed in cheap tin/aluminum caps

tail was similar to the real deal

spare bulb was better than stock

insides looked similar to the real deal (and comes with free chinese D cells)

I’m sorry if these somewhat looked like a review but any suggestions on what can I toss in other than XML2 T5 5B1 that I’m planning to swap?

I had only simple tools (handheld drill, handsaw,everything handheld)

Take a look at this thread for inspiration. Simple and nice.



Don’t expect a mod like this to be a lumen monster, it won’t be. But it can make it a usable torch with a monster runtime. I’ve been using my 3D like this for months now on the same set of batteries. Get’s used 5 days out of 7.

Omg now thats really simple :smiley:
Thanks a lot for the link.

That said there are lots and lots of potential options. Really depends on how much effort & time you want to invest. How much customisation and what your end goal is.

The MR16 mod linked above is really simple, quick to do and only requires a small amount of soldering. None inside the torch and can be completely reversible. And it still runs on D cells. The down side is, it’s only 260 lumens at best and very floody. Makes for a nice in the house torch, but not enough beam distance to use across the fields IMO.

Other really easy options are the bulb style drop in’s.

Review here:


These aren’t the cheapest option, but are pretty cheap. And again won’t make a lumen monster. But will totally transform an incan Mag and make them very useful torches again. Best feature is they retain the full focus system and throw incredible well. And will out throw many an XM-L based light.

Another budget option would be to get something like this reflector and pill:

It’ll almost fit perfectly in a proper Mag head without mods. Only the bezel doesn’t screw down quite as far, you can file the outer edge of the reflector if you want a perfect fit though.

Grab a driver to fit the brass pill and an LED. Should be able to run an XM-L2 or XP-G2. At most you’ll just need to lift the star a little on a pedestal to get the LED in the reflector better.

Your D cells should be able to power this setup, or switch to NiMh AA’s in holders.

I did read the LED upgrades and that’s where I was planning to design my own LED upgrade with an XML2 by smashing the old bulb and pressfit copper tube.

That moment when I look at the cheap bulb holder, I kinda decided to ask here lolol

SSC P7 dropin seems like a smart choice with flexibility. I might consider that. Though I’ll prolly need some driver to go with it. (am thinking of amc7135*3 because that’s what’s left in my driver box :P)

I’m guessing the dropin requires a 20mm driver?

Edit: Ouch. Didn’t realize the dropin was super pricy after the currency change. I guess I’ll scrap that idea. Thanks for the suggestion though :smiley:

I found a cheap source for the MR16 bulb at fasttech. Probably gonna order that :slight_smile: