3D Maglite to xhp70 anduril mod

Hi Fellas

Had an old 3D Mag-lite lying around and said your up.
homemade driver FET+1 2S zener mod as I didnt have any LDOs.
Flashed anduril.2020-09-27.blf-q8.hex was amazed it worked just fine with zener mod and momentary switch
with freshly charged LGs xhp70 pulled about 10A at the tail.
used below schematic


cheers :beer:


I’m surprised to see a maglite mod in 2020. How did you make your heatsink?

Wow nicely done!

Very nicely done ‘nmbusa’ :+1:
Hard to beat a successful mod. It should last a long time. :beer:


made on a lathe and drilled angled hole for set screw
not shown in any pic but changed switch as original rusted years ago due to battery leak.
used 1 of these

thats awesome