3D printable battery caps for transport/shipping

Stumbled across this on thingverse

The .stl files provided are for the standards AA, AAA batteries, as well as for the 18650 Li-Ion/Li-Po cells.

Instructions: I printed my battery caps in ABS (because of the better elasticity of the winglets) on my RepRap using H=.35mm/W=.56mm layers.

Print these (the filament should be pretty cheap) then pop em on the batteries, wrap em with tape to keep em from popping off even though they should snugly fit…VIOLA!

Do you want to start a production of these for us? If so, how much do you want for materials, labor, and shipping?

This is such a cool idea

Nice find, those look like a great way to carry/store spares!

Pretty cool.

Instead of tape, a rubber band should be enough to hold them in place.

Yeah, I was even thinking of Velcro strip, tape would be for shipping

I need to find a cheap 3D printer locally, think I could get a bunch whipped up