3rd annual BLF Scratch Made light Contest - Announced!

Hello everyone,

The Scratch Made light Contest will start again!

Old-Lumens was too busy to run the contest this year, so he (together with Mr. Admin) asked if I would like to arrange this. That was a great honor - of course I'd like to do it! So here we go..

Summer time is good for modding and building lights, so I decided to change the timing a bit this year: The contest begins 1st of July and ends 30th of September, just in time before the darkness falls on the northern side of the globe (Sorry for the mates at opposite side. Hope you can bear it.. ;))

Now it's time for us all to start preparing:
1. You start innovating and wondering what kind of a special light to build [Note: You don't need to wonder if you should join.. Of course you will!]
2. You start thinking whether to join in Hand made or Machine made category
3. Just like the previous years, the prizes will be awesome! And for that we need premium sponsors: PM me if you are interested in being a sponsor for this great contest.

More information and exact rules will be announced later. While waiting, you can read the previous contest threads for reference and inspiration:
2013: The BLF DIY Forum First Annual Scratch made light contest
2014: 2nd. Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest

There will be a separate registration thread, but please keep up discussing in this thread: Announce that you are participating, keep up the spirit, share inspiring ideas, do whatever is needed to make this a great event!

Let's have some light building & modding fun!

Oh baby, I’ve been waiting for this to come around again!!

There’s been quite a few new modders join since last year’s contest, & I can’t wait to see what people come up with :bigsmile: :beer: :beer: :beer:

Don’t hesitate to join in the fun - “anything goes” in the comp (within the guide lines, of course!).

So are you in?

Meh - I can take it or leave it…… :wink:

I'm away for five weeks of it.

But the last-minute builds are always the best.

…I hope you are not away for the last 5 weeks….

In sports we call it handicap. ;) It's nice of you to level the field for others..

I’ve never tried to make one from scratch before, but it would be nice to not have a disclaimer on everything….

Me: “check out this new light i just made.”

“wow, you made this?”

“well, I made the insides… ”


I wonder if there will be a category for 3-D printed lights?

3D printer is a machine, right? :P

But seriously, I think you can join the machine made category with a 3D printed light.

Thanks for the novel idea! That might get us even more participation. :)

I’m tentatively planning on participating this year. I’m still a newbie and so much of this stuff is beyond what I’m able to do, so I’m NOT planning on winning. :stuck_out_tongue: But, I think it would be fun to give it a try. I would just have to figure out what to do with both a limited tool-set AND a limited skill-set! I have a couple of ideas, if I can make it happen… 8)

@_the_ - thank you for taking on this contest project. For the rest of you, real life is just too crazy for me, to take this project on this year. I hope all of you will help keep this great contest going and the only way to do that is with participation.

Sign up and try your hand at making a light and for those who don't, participate by posting encouragement in the build threads, for those who do take on the challenge.

Make the third year another winner!

Thanks again and good luck,


I'm in once more!

(even though I missed the deadline the first year (by months actually), and did not even submit a light at all the second year)

Thanks _the_ for hosting the contest this year!

Best of luck to those that compete. I always enjoy seeing what others create.


There are some ideas in my head, I think I should make it real this time.

Awesome to hear its on again. :slight_smile:
Since i wont 1st last year, i’m not sure if i should enter again with a new build, or build a light to offer as a prize, or both?

To me the metric of success is the number of entries. If we could get an ever larger contest each year I would call that a success.

So what am I getting to? Well as one who has only tinkered and is not really up to a build from scratch (no drill press, no bench vice, no lathe) I would like to see classes. I am afraid that if us noobs had to go up against “world class talent” and experience it (might) affect the number of entries, but if I was going up against (the prize is irrelevant) thoes of similure ilke (we) might see more entries!!!

So some proposed classes:

machine build (does this mean lathe? surly it does not mean no power tools)

noob (first light built, or some such low bar)
expereinced (has built less then 10 lights from scratch, (premade PCB’s)
World Class (has built more then 10 lights from scratch including the PCB’s)

Hand made build (does this no power tools? surly it does not mean no power tools) Or just no lathe?

noob (first light built, or some such low bar)
expereinced (has built less then 10 lights from scratch, (premade PCB’s)
World Class (has built more then 10 lights from scratch including the PCB’s)

Talk amongst yourselves,

Im feeling, verklempt

.SNL coffee talk .

Eager to see all the entries, some very nice builds last year.

If you built a copy of your Steam-Pipe light as one of the prizes, I’d do everything short of lie, cheat, and steal to win!

After my dead body, DavidEF. :steve: