3x or 4x 18650 flashlight

People seem to call these “soda can” flashlights, it seems. I’m looking for something fairly modest, that puts out 2000 to 3000 lumen on high mode. I mostly want something reliable and well-known, since these can get quite warm. I’ve been looking at the Skyray King, but I read there’s plenty of fakes on the market, or the quality went downhill quickly.

XHP70.2 has really high efficacy, you can get the Acebeam K30 or some kind of 3xXHP70.2 light and have relatively little heat and drain on the batteries when outputting around 2000 lumens. If you want the absolute best efficiency at around 2-3k lumen output, you can grab an Acebeam X80GT— with its 18 XHP50.2s, 2-3k lumen is like a low mode to it.

On a more budget oriented note, Haikelite and Q8 are good options.

Purely objectively, 4x18650 is a much better format than 3x18650 (3x18650 is only 75% the power available while still 87% the handle circumference).

However, I feel 3x18650 is a goldilocks size for ergonomics. I have average-above average sized hands, and 4x18650 tubes are a little too big for my liking, while 3x18650 is much more holdable.

+1 on the Q8, just amazing light. The work the BLF team did on this is very impressive. Have a look out for discount codes for this light.

I have a 1st gen Skyray King that is like new (less than 5 minute run time) collecting dust on a shelf that I would sell, but the shipping to Belgium would probably not make it worthwhile.

Reliable and well known? Our own Q8. King of the Soda Cans…IMO :THUMBS-UP:

ah, cool. Something Haikelite or the Q8 would be suitable. The others are just too expensive. good to know about ergonomics, I was already trying out some bottles or mugs to figure out what diameter would be practical.

ah, well, my girlfriend is from the USA. maybe we can work it out. how much do you want for it, can you send me a private message?

cool, I’ll read up about it. I already saw it mentioned.
maybe I can easily find a second hand one.

The BLF Q8 is far superior to the Sky Ray King and other knockoffs. Look at the Klarus G35 with XHP35. It throws about 900 meters if I remember test results. It’s a good light with 3X 18650s. Ergonomically it’s nice fitting.

3 pcs cell Acebeam K30 is easy to have. this is the most recommended.
Irradiation is also near, far and well balanced.

Acebeam X80 of the explosion only in the neighborhood is not practical.
said this, Astrolux MF01(freeme code is $78) has excellent practicality.

Sofirn SF34 is cheap.

1 pcs cell that is Sofirn C8F is easy to use and is best Buy if considering price.

Olight X7

Cant go wrong with the Q8 really, uget a balanced light that doesnt cost too much puts out decent amount of lumens at max and has a very nice ramping ui and good neutral tint.

I see the Q8 on Ebay and Banggood, starting at 45 euro or something. that’s a good price, since the Skyray King is almost the same price, and not as good.
thanks to everyone for chiming in :THUMBS-UP: :beer:

ah, those are very cheap. I’m not sure how much I actually plan on using this light, and how much I just want it as a gadget. we all have that feeling, right?

Blf q8 codes? Acebeam x80 codes?

These lights have batteries as well as a set, USB charger is also attached, no charger is required.It is easy to grasp, finish well and satisfaction is also high.Unlike cars and real estate,flashlight is a very good hobby that taxes are not taken :THUMBS-UP:
Now Astrolux MF01 price is decreasing .

Now BLF Q8 price is decreasing.