3xAAA Zoom Light from ITC_Shop for $15

On the higher end of budget for this type of light, but noticed that ITC is selling a zoom light with a Cree R2 on sale for $15 at the moment. I have not been able to fidn any info on it. A 3XAAA isn't really my preference, but if this is as good as the Solarforce that ITC sells it may be worth it anyway. Anyone try one of these? Any comments?


They look VERY similar to the 'lightmate' lights i got at costco like these:


I am really not a fan, the 'zoom' is pretty useless, the beam looks horrible and the build quality is sub-par. perhaps this model is totally different but everything from reflector to light up clicky etc. is the same :S plus i am not a fan of 3 AAA lights.

Sir John

Us in the U.K have to pay $2 for shipping.

Costco sell them in the U.K for £15 for 2, but they are Cree XP-C led.

There is no zoom, it's like the focus on a Maglite.

I have one i bought from ebay cost me £5.00 it's rubbish not very bright at all and the lense was scratched and horrible..

Is it the same one as costco?

Thanks for the comments guys. Saved me some bucks. I'll just patiently wait for someone to buy me the Romisen RC-29 R4 version from Shiningbeam for Christmas.

They look exactly the same apart from the different name, the tail cap lights up when the batteries are low.

The low battery circuit/light will ironicly eat up the battery so that it can light up.

Terrible design.

I bought the 2 pack costco version and ended up giving it away this past summer to my nephew.

I really don't like 3aaa flashlights but some reason there are a bunch of them out there.

It seems like this one is getting pretty good marks from people who bought it ..http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.44573 I like edi-t lights they have some quality feel to them . I can't personally vouch for this light but for 12 bucks .. I'd say buy it on the quality of the edi-t t6 that I have purchased before .. it's on my wish list too..!! There is a guy on cpf who collects these zoomers and has everyone ever made ..You may wanna hunt him down or like I said .. for 12 bucks roll the dice

it's also an 18650 which i like.

I should note that it's phenomenally easy to modify these lights to take 18650s, and to rip out the crappy tailswitch and replace it. I don't know if this is the place to do it, so I'll throw up a thread in the Modding section