4.35v Li-Ion Charger Option (YiboYuan External Cell Phone Battery Charger - various models available)

First of all, credit goes to RMM for proposing this option (though with a different model charger) and running tests. (See previous discussion in his thread starting here at comment #305.) I decided this was worth further discussion in its own thread.

Basically, in that thread RMM proposed using an external battery charger (YiboYuan brand which he has tested and proven and has experience with the brand's other chargers) for Samsung smart phones which use a 4.35v Li-Ion battery stock. The proposed method is to use alligator clipped leads from the charger contacts (or solder wires to the charger contacts) and then attach the ends to your 18650 4.35v battery (I've thought about using 18650 battery holders with leads attached at both ends).

I did a whole bunch of internet searching last night and it was quite tough to find a 4.35v YiboYuan charger, esp. one of the 600mA charge rate ones! Just this morning I stumbled on T-Mart selling one (ships from their US Warehouse to boot!) and wanted to share. I thought we could keep this thread going with teardown pics and experiences of it's use. I'm going to order 3 of them with 1 dedicated to teardown with pics of the internals (just hope I can make time for that!). I do not currently own any 4.35v Li-Ions so I will have to buy some (needed the excuse anyway :) ).

Here is the one I found at T-Mart. It's only $3.64! It's for a Samsung i9500 and the photo of the back clearly shows it's a YiboYaun brand model AC-04 with 4.35v output at 600mA charge rate:


Nice find!

I’ve also been looking for a solution without much luck. I look forward to your posts.

I can't do a whole lot of review on the circuitry and such. Best I can do is measure voltages and monitor charge current. I'm hoping others will chime in on pics of the components and measurements I provide.

And like I said, credit definitely goes to RMM on this! I thought this sounded like a great option when he presented it. In his sales thread it generated a little discussion and then fizzled out. I was hoping having its own thread would generate more discussion.



Works great! This and some LG D1s and I’m set!!

Thanks for planing teardown pics! :beer:

$3.64 and AC powered. Doesn’t sound good. :ghost:
I would go for one of the usb powered 4.35v chargers.

you could take that one linked above, and a 2, 3 or 4 slot 18650 carrier and rig up a decent charge station for these

Wanted to say that.

Just wondering what popular cells can use this charger.
Edit;I have a pair of Samsung 18650-28A cells from Wallbuy’s, but would be interested in others as well.
Sorry if this info was discussed before.

I'm scared of that one. According to HKJ's review it has no charge termination.


See these LG cells.


I wondered, but I am proceeding on RMM's experience and testing BUT, that is why I am also doing a teardown first.


Saw your post on that in RMM's sales thread. That resolves the AC to DC circuitry issue, but what about that chargers charging algorithm, termination, and such? It's also "generic". It is 900mA though (I suppose split between the phone and external charger and hopefully the full 900 when only the external is used). That option gets more expensive once you then add a quality AC->USB adapter too, though I am NOT against spending money to be safer.


I guess you can’t put batteries in it and leave it for days. The light turns green at 4.28v and it takes quite a while after that (~2-3 hours) to get anywhere near 4.35v. Certainly not for everyone, but it works for me.

The LG D1’s are REALLY good batteries, holding the highest voltage of any 18650 HKJ has tested.

what is this thread weally about?

4.35v charger?

how about xtar

This is the slowest order I have ever had from a US supplier / US warehouse!

Ordered 1/3/2014
Picked up by DHL 1/5/2014
Switched from DHL to Postal Service in Kentucky 1/7/2014
Sort facility in Philadelphia 1/16/2014
No updates since!


I do have some of the new 4.35v XTAR chargers on order, but this is still the best budget option, in my opinion. I think that the 4.35v volt cells are going to be the best thing for amp single-cell XM-L2 / XP-G2 lights with our current drivers. I need to do some testing with a 5.8/6.0 amp XM-L2 vs. the current leaders: the 20R & Pana PF. If I can get output like the 20R but runtime like the PF then I'll be happy. I think these will do it. I have two of the 4.35v YiboYuan chargers up on the website.

Yeah, I thought the Xtar 4.35v chargers were a bit expensive for my taste. I'd love to see results of your testing if you get to it.


Since what we're dealing with is a high forward voltage requirement and not a huge amp draw, I think these will be awesome. I am going to try them on my BTU Shocker mod as well vs. the 20R (if I ever get around to finishing it!!!)

I also like the lg most, but have in mind that they are only rated for 4.35A maximum discharge.

Well it arrived today! However, I did NOT receive what was pictured on Tmart's website! (Does this surprise you?) Here is what I received:

It's not a "YiboYuan" branded charger, and it's only rated 350mA! Doesn't look so great inside, but I'm no electronics guru so I need some of you to chime in and tell me if these internals look acceptable or not. In that last photo, the AC prongs are in the top center with black wires attached, and the output wires are going off the photo on the right side. I have not powered it up or anything. So does this look usable? Or does it look unsafe or untrustworthy?