4/3A NiMH cells, anyone using them?

I just revived cells from a NiMH rechargeable pack but haven’t found a light to put them in. Cells are Varta 4/3A, 4000 mAh (17670 size). Looking online I’ve found same size cells for $3.00 to $7.00 (no-name to Sanyo). Has anyone tried this size? I’m considering buying a boost driver and building a P60 drop-in. Any driver suggestions beyond the Nanjg110 driver sold by MTN Elec.?

These clickable links are what you get when you just type text into the Search box.
For example typing 4/3AF into Search gets this:


I’m using those in a 2-cell Solarforce light

right now with LD-30 driver (you can search on that also)
successfully with a Nichia, less successfully with an amber XP-E2

The LD-20 and LD-30 drivers (in several variations) ought to work, but in practice they’re, well, variable.


Change search from “Relevance” to “Date” in the results, and ignore the ads that show up.

RMM has a 1-mode NiMH driver; I haven’t put one into a host yet.
He’s been thinking about a multi-mode driver but it hasn’t been built yet, it’s a maybe for the future.

Thanks Hank,

I had already considered the D18 body tube from Solarforce in a 2X configuration. Looking at what drivers are available I’m thinking a low output E-light in a cheap P60 host might be useful. I’ve also thought of buying several cheap AA lights and cannabilizing the drivers.

I use to use them in an unmodified 3T6 type lights. Three worked fine, but 4 provided the best output. Since they are capable of high current, 4 provided enough voltage overhead and current to be just as bright as using normal Li-ion cells.

EDIT: The reason I stopped was because the cells eventually got tired. They were very old when I found the pack to start with. They served me well for a good number of years.

I use the 4/3AF in my direct drive builds.