4 Balder SE1 XML's for tade or sell

Hey guys… Happy New Year
I ordered 4 xml balder se1 on impulse, and id like to sell or trade them for something else.
3 are cw tint, and havent been taken out of the package.
The other is nw, and only slightly used.
I would like to get 20 a piece for them.
I’ll also consider trading for lights and protected cells.

20 plus shipping i am guessing?

Or i could do all four for 80 shipped
Or 3 for 60 shipped. Otherwise, 20 plus shipping.

Haha, whats the reason behind not keeping at least one? Id like to know because i have one coming already, kinda late to ask why, but haha, why not? What would you compare the build quality to, certain manufacturers com to mind?

I can get $23 on Ebay free shipping!

ok then…22 shipped.
I’d rather trade for an 18650 xml though
There’s nothing bad about the se1. Its just not what i’m looking for. I might keep one for myself

I will be home tomorrow and will look over what I have to trade. I have a few 18650 xml's I'd like to trade. I also have an extra sipik 68 clone. Might grab two from you if we can work a deal. Pm sent

ok guys..i still have 2 of these available in cw. new in the box

would like to trade for an xp-g s-mini, jetbeam bc-10, uf-2100, xeno e03, or keygos xml

or will sell both for 40 shipped.

PM sent

PM me if you still have one, to ship to 91901

Give me your PP email

I have a keygos ke5 xml for trade. PM if we have a deal.

Why haven't you sent the lights to the guys you sold/traded the Balders to?

I agree. If it were me, I would do the right thing here even if it means you have to buy this light you say you have 4 of and take a loss on your part.

Hey Reflection do you still have one left? Just PM me if you do and I’ll send you the money and my address.

Well, I know he still has the one I paid him $22 for because it certainly never came to me.

I can think of a few reasons this happened. One, he thought he had a deal lined up and was trying to flip them quick before he actually had them in hand. Two, he’s a scum bag who needs a taste of his own medicine. Either way, he’s still lurking so he needs to step up and admit what’s going on. Or an ip address could be sent to someone who knows how to use it in a fun way to f his day up.

By golly, I think I just figured it out. I bet he works for DinoDirect! His name there is DinoReflection. Don’t worry, your orders will ship soon.

He's not just lurking, he's still posting. This is pretty weird. I hope it all works out.

He must be aware by now that he screwed some people over but clearly isn’t going to do anything about it. Seems like a coward and a thief to me.