4 Sale - Emisar / Lumintop / Sofirn - ALL SOLD

Emisar D4S: XP-L HD V6 3D, grey, amber aux, works fine, very light use but some nicks on bottom of magnetic tail cap. Tint is on the greenish side but still a great flashlight. Light only, as shown. $25 shipped Continental US. SOLD

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0: basically new just out of box to test that it works. Diffuser, o-rings, manual. Non-mag tail cap. $12 shipped Continental US. SOLD

Sofirn SP31 V2.0: Barely used. Will include case and spare o-rings. $20 $17.50 $12.50 shipped Continental US. SOLD


D4s gone. I'll take it if you're in the U.S.

Just sent a pm.

ok, done... Paypal sent with info in the pm.

2nd on D4S

Sorry gone.

I’ll take the Lumintop. PM sent.

Ok sent PM. PayPal and it is yours.

I’d do the combo if the deal with srid falls through.

The Tool is on its way to srld.

The SP31 V2 still needs a good home.

Dropped the price on the SP31 V2 to just $17.50 shipped. Leapin’ Larry says that is a heck of a deal!

Just updated to last and final price on the Sofirn.

Is it too much trouble to post pics?
Just wondering.

I’ll take the SP31V2.0 PM’ed

I was having trouble posting more than 1 at a time. Getting some “null error” message, so I just put the link there figuring images are then just a click away.

All gone thanks for shopping now I finish shipping.