4 x XML torch


Ric has a 4 XML torch and its got a tailcap switch and side switch! And strobe is hidden too! :D

That there thing should put out some amazing light...and minus its size, it's still a looker.

A real pitty this one's not set up for 26650s- perfect application.

Look nice. But IPX-8? Are you serious?

Sure is nice looking. I find myself wishing it was a 4*18650 in parallel like the King. With the larger head size this has I'm curious to see some beam shots.

Yep, my thoughts exactly. I'm also curious to see what the beam looks like with a weird looking reflector such as that.

This could be nearly perfect for a big beamer. Waiting anxiously for more details: current @ various modes, how the switches work ( tail switch on, side switch for modes?) etc. I'll buy this if somebody who USES a flash was involved in development. Comeon Ric!

And in the pictures I see what looks to be a different person's hands with the long pinky "coke nail"....