4000th post!

Damn, that came up quick! I do hope that most of them were at least a little insightful, if not helpful. Thanks to all for tolerating my diahrea of the posts during my time spent here among my second family, aka BLF.

Seems like it was just 5 months ago I gave away a micromag host for a belated 2000th post giveaway (closer to 3000 than 2000 at the time). What should I do for this little landmark post? Hmmm…

Hahaha, congrats with that “diarrhea” :bigsmile:
+1 for that giveaway 0:)

WOW congrats!

Congrats on a new mile stone.

cool story bro… JK congrats man i have came close to 4000posts in any forums


What should you do? Certainly you should buy yourself a new flashlight! BTW, have you tried imodium AD? :bigsmile:

I vote for a giveaway of 4 crispy Benjamins to mark the occasion !!!

I actually remember when JohnnyMac joined - not long after I did, now that I go back and look. For some reason I thought you were here before me. Am I remembering you from CPF?

Anyway, your presence here is a great asset.


A great milestone and very insightful information.

Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

Congrats on hitting the big 4 oh oh oh

Congratulations! You know what to do… :wink:

I was thinking you could send me your hd2010 to celebrate…… I know, I’m all heart. :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Way to go JohnnyMac. Keep ’em coming.

JohhnyMacs shout. Yay. Congrats.


Careful, the closer you get to 6000 posts the higher chance you have of disappearing with Don in the BermudaLuman Triangle

You've contributed a lot to the forums, and I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for making BLF a better place!


(btw, how did we ever sign off before foys influence? Dark times they were...)

4000 thats huge,congrats.