4500k nichia

What is real differrence between NVSL219B and NVSL119B ? I compared pdf file for both and not find any distinction.

The 119 has no middle thermal pad, so poor heatsinking

119 has only two soldering pads. Will not work with standard MCPCBs for XP.

Heh. And how is maximum allowed current, with copper PCB? My max mode 1A

Pads is very wide and with XP PCBs will result is shortcut circuit? May be use this PCB Ledrise - High Performance Led Lighting Nichia NCSLE17AT 3000K R8000 with PCB (10x10mm) or isolate/ remove central pad…

That site is very interesting. Appears they have almost the entire lineup of Nichia emitters (or they can get them at least). Shipping to the US using DHL appears to be only 9.99 euro, not terrible if the order is large enough. Hopefully you can get some to test muakka, as having that as a backup to Clemence would be a decent option for the 219Bs, and some of the rarer tints in 219B, 219C, 144A, and E21A.

They also have this affordable color temperature measuring tool, which also reports the cie xy coordinates and lux. The “service” headers might be accessible with a serial interface for logging (or maybe it’s just for reprogramming the atmega’s firmware).

I got today rhe response from leds.de they say its their partner shop from Hungary, but they do not have any 219 high CRI so I cant helo

Too bad!

I got the confirmation they have no 9080 Nichia LEDs at all in stock

But will they ever? It’s a bit weird that they list all of them and it even says that they will be available in a few weeks.

they have to order full reels of 3500 LEDs

I doubt they will do that with a few LEDs ordered from customers

Clemence asked if anyone was interested in sw45.

If they are some sort of meaningful and intelligent led distributor, they'll probably be willing to make a deal. If they can manage to offer abroad inexpensive shipping cost orders, they'll for sure sell a few hundreds here at the very least. Worst case scenario is they may lose a little money, but if they do it right they will end up selling it all (and hence more to come) with a little marketing.

Cheers ^:)