4500k nichia

Hey all
I’m hoping someone will be willing to part with one or two nichia 219b 4500k leds? Just let me know what you have and we can go from there.
Thanks guys!

Gotta be 4500K? Illumn has piles of 4000K 219Bs.

It’s a want more than a need

They go fast, only 6 are left now.

Clemence had 35 of the 219b sw40 9080 yesterday, now there are 25.

Clemence’s Nichia sw40 9080

But the tint is clearly different from 4500K, the 4000K R9080 has more yellow in it which makes the tint more natural IMO, but some people like the rosy white of the 4500K R9080 more.

I ordered some up just to try them out. I wish I didn’t care about tint, ever since I found this forum and discovered the nichia everything went to hell for me lol!
I do think I like more red in my LEDs but until I have the same flashlight and reflector with different LEDs hunting the same white wall I won’t know. But this is 90% of the fun

Yes, there is a great difference.

If rose can be considered a mix of magenta and pink, and the sw40 has more yellow in the pink, the sw45, normally from below the ANSI BBL, will supply the magenta to make rose.
From a personal point of view, the sw45 is too magenta, the sw40 a bit yellow for me at times.

A 2x2 Quad, or 2x1 Triple with the two different 219b 9080 Nichias seem the answer for me.

it is 4500 will be available for order again? I had received sw40 from Clemence but
this is very warmish for me(((. I very want 4500 Ra9080.
https://www.ledrise.eu/nichia-nvsl219b-v1-3535-package-warm-white-high-power-smt-led_12.html.html -this is same version? Anyone tested this?



You just might have found the holy grail!
9977 in stock!

If you get enough demand I can order those here in Germany and ship relatively cheap worldwide

That is a good find! They also have the 219C 9050 4500K! Very interesting !

Need to tested spectrum- another reel. I would like to order NCSL219B-V1 and NVSL119B-V1 series, Ra 9080, for best selection. I am very need magenta tint, not a yellowish

Following… I would definitely like some high cri 4500K in 219B and prob 219C as well.

You have shipped to me before in California.

I’ll gladly test those emitters if Lexel orders and sends them to me. I’ll pay for them of course. I would have ordered three 4000K and 4500K of both NCSL and NVSL ones myself, but the prices with shipping are killing me. Three of each would come to 70 euros. So maybe one of each :slight_smile:

The funny thing is if I try to order they say I have to order in German shop leds.de, but those types are not listed there.
I emailed them

I can ship em tracked with envelope for 4€
but I have to pay 19% tax here in Germany
so it makes only sense for one LED each

So that makes price * 1,19 + 4€ shipping?
Do you offer them on MCPCB? Since i have zero experience in reflowing LEDs

The 4500K nichia is still on my wishlist

I could order Noctigon or KD DTP stars if wanted, but that takes time

0.15€ bubble wrap envelope
1.5€ untracked shipping

2.5€ tracking with 25€ insurance

also the shipping cost of them likely 5-7€ to me needs to be split

Lets see if they respond to my e-mail

Now this is really exciting!
The NCSL with 4500K R9080 is the absolute Perfect LED for my Meteor (no more de-doming)!

Lexel could ask what is the minimum order quantity for this.

I think 10mm Sinkpad and 16/20 KD/Noctigon stars with DTP is the best LED boards to get, I doubt ledrise has DTP stars at all