4AA That Runs On 2?

I was looking at the Sofirn SF11. I’ve never owned a soda can light. I carry extra Eneloops for the GPS when out with the hounds. Thinking might as well carry them in a light. Will any of the 4AA lights run on 2 batteries?

I have a Nitecore 4 x AA and a Led Lenser 4 x AA. They both need 4 x batteries,

Have a Sunwayman 4 x AA and a Led Lenser 4 x AA. Both need 4 batteries (6V).

I own a few lights that can cope with 1.5V (AAA/AA) and 4.2V (10440/14500) thanks to the drivers.

I’m pretty sure some drivers can cope with 2x1.5V AND 4x1.5V, but can’t say which ones.

Its a 6AA not 4, but my 5.11 XBT A6 will run either 3 or 6 cells just fine. Just affects runtime. Perfect truck light, BTW. Just can’t find them anymore. (Nor can I get the head open to try an emitter swap)

Unlikely. Most AA lights will stack 4S to get (nominally) 6V and then buck it down to LED voltage.

TN4A, TK4A, SF11, EA4, etc., all have 4 in series this way. The EA8 takes 4 or 8, so 4S1P or 4S2P.

Really doesn’t pay to make a light that can take 4 cells, yet parallel them and thus need a boost driver that’d get any appreciable current to the LED while torturing the already hateful little alkaleaks to piss them off and bring out their nasty side even more.

And with 4S, yeah, you can run NiMH cells and still have 4.8V to play with.

The whole idea of a 4 cell is to keep the regulator in buck mode all the time. A lot of people sell these but they use older technology that is not very efficient. Here is about what you can expect running them under voltage. Rayovac LED upgrade 6V

I don’t get it. You want a 2 AA light that holds 2 extras? Tape em to the side. Or you want a 4AA that has a mode to switch to running on two? There would have to be a physical disconnect. Or you want a 4AA that can work with 2 batteries removed? You could use dummy battery connectors and it would just be really dim, but that’s still 2 more batteries to carry even though they’re a bit lighter