(4K Review) Acebeam X50 2.0 45000 Lumens

This is a acebeam‘s second version of their 8* XHP 70.2 emitter soda can flashlight. It is 45,000 lm max and quick charges in one hour! This light will also charge external devices at high amperage in case you need to charge something on the go. This is the 5000k emitter variant which comes with great tint and substantial throw capabilities

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In your review, I didn’t see any mention of the X50 2.0 turning off when trying to access turbo when the batteries are too low. Did you not experience this?

Since your review did not disclose this pertinent fact, it seems like you either did not test the light sufficiently or are intentionally holding back on reporting issues.

That seems like a reasonable behavior. You’d get a lot more customer confusion/frustration if attempting to access turbo mode did nothing.