[4K Review] AMUTORCH yootoo SD2 - 1000 lumens - SST20 - 34kcd

Not bad, I thought it’d hold Turbo longer though

I impulse bought one yesterday, glad I did!

It’s not bad, throw is unbelievable for just 800 lumens, especially as the spill is still useful.

Tint and beam is easy on the eye as well.

A similar higher powered 21700 light won’t throw as far for as long

Well said… And I purchased it to run with one of the big capacity cells and provide good light for a good amount of time. Now, in the end… I may end up making it a hotrod! Love the form factor of the light, I am a huge fan of 26650 tube lights and expect this to fit my hand just a well.

Is the bezel glued?

Great review!
Some disassembly photos would be even nicer :smiley:

Great video, have one of these en route so was waiting for some real world views.
Looks like a nice outdoor light.


Nope, turns without effort.

It’s a quality looking beam but a touch too throwy for me. It’s a borderline thrower.

Thanks, this will be a nice 21700 host.

Just tried this SD2 outside and man for a small flashlight it will throw.
Your Video mentions 35K lux and I can remember having to pay about $50 to get a C8 that would do that kind of lux, my how times have changed :slight_smile:
Great light and thanks again for the video review.


Just ordered one with Fin17’s coupon. Ended up 12.12USD shipped. Oddly excited for this little thing. It’s essentially a 21700 P60 sized light with better thermals. Driver quality will determine if this was a great deal or a total steal.

Ordered 2 of these from banggood on April 14, and the package was just handed over to the airline in China a couple days ago. The wait is killing me. :weary:

Recently received the SD1 as a gift. Basically the same but with an 18650. Same rated throw. Very impressive. Bezel does screw off. Rear cap removable but the head and main body on mine seem to be one piece or glued together.

Yes, it is glued, because the battery tube is also the retainer for the driver. With some heat and some force it can be loosened though.

I like both the SD1 and SD2, good-looking and well-built designs, for little money. A surprise was how shallow the driver cavity is, I planned to mod a SD2 with a boost driver for a 12V led, but the driver is way too thick to fit. The shallow driver cavity does keep the light compact which is a good thing.

Just like the JKK21700 I tested…they do step down pretty quick. Beam profile looks to be the same.

Oh, I was worried about that. I was planning to put an FX35 boost driver in there. Looks like I’ll have to think of something else.

I bought one at the time.
It’s still stock and it will stay stock, because it’s one of my favorite lights just the way it is.
(Also in mine the driver is glued in place…)
Throw is very good for its size, output is enough for ‘normal’ use too.
The sst-20 5000K low CRI LED combines very well with driver and optics.
Only 3 modes is enough and keeps it simple and straight forward.
With a 5000mAh 21700 it has a lot of run time.
Okay, a clip instead of that swiveling lanyard ring would have been even better perhaps, but it fits well in any pocket, so it’s okay.
Steady tail standing too.
If anything, it’s a bit of a boring light.
Nothing really exciting about it, but it’s very practical.

(Sorry about the thread necroing)