4k Review - Astrolux MF01 Mini 5500 Lumens - High CRI Super Bright Flashlight - Best Value 2019

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Recently ordered the Aluminium+Copper version of this light, looks like a great addition to the collection :slight_smile:

I went for the 5000k XPL HI 3B version, looking forward to seeing how it is.

Astrolux are really smashing out the great flashlights right now, the EC01 is my current favourite, which displaced the S43 brass from my pocket!

I only have money to buy the aluminum version. Congratulations to my friend.

Price point, please?

You can see old post

I also ordered a copper head version with LED 5000k XPL HI 3B. Waiting for delivery. If I really like it, I will buy an aluminum version with LED SST20 4000k. Astrolux produces very nice flashlights.

What is the main difference one will see between the XPL-HI vs the SST20? I thought SST20 was higher CRI? Which is more efficient?

Which one is more effective. I think it depends on your work. Basically, I always like everything illuminated like daytime.