[4K Review] Emisar D18 SST-20 4000k

Better tint than the ROT66 219B?

Great review! They are getting better and this might be your best so far. Good info and clean editing, nice job. The tint on those 219B’s looks really decent, those SST-20’s ain’t half bad either.

I love the ROT66 219B, reds really pop without a yellow tinge to everything, the SST-20 just felt a tad too warm but it did mirror midday sunlight.

Thats was one of the most pleasant light reviews ive come across in years.

Ive been using lightning mode on my Q8, but I kinda want a D18 to up the ante a bit haha. Im just a little tempted to get the XPL-HI version.

Lightning mode kinda failed on my D18 as it’s too warm and floody, I think a 5000-6500k XPL will really work

The thing is that the XP-L HI version is actually as throwy as the SST-20 4000k version.

If you really want more throw, you have to get 5000k.

I have the frosted optic which means the lightening doesn’t really cast much flashing light on an area. It just looks like the torch has a loose connection lol.

Ah ok.

My Fireflies E07 puts a lot of Lux on a distant tree etc and you can see the little nuances of the lightning flicker.

Good work :+1: ………Excellent and enjoyable video review :wink:

I have the 5000k and didn’t go with the frosted optic, lightning on it works awesome!

Nice video. I like the tint comparison. The tint is actually pretty close the the 219B version. Seems like Emisar found a good tint bin for the SST-20 than the FB4 that they were using previously in the D4S.


Fun to watch, informative, and a talented representation of the modes, very well done;

Most clever after 6:35 :smiling_imp: