[4K Review] FIREFLIES PL47G2 - Innovation vs Build quality rears its head again...

FIREFLIES would be my favourite brand if they could iron out the needless flaws.


Yeah, I am a newbie but saw to many problems with these. Really wanted one, grabbed a ylp cri2 and soon probably another zebra.

Where is the review?


I ordered two of these a week ago, one for me and one for my dad! It was mainly due to me and my dad comparing our flashlights (my new D4V2 vs his no-brand chinese 6500K thrower) and he was blown away by the power and beam from the D4V2 that he said he’d love that one as a headlamp for his trips.

So I started searching and wanted the maximum amount of brightness with a similar beam to the D4V2, albeit a bit more throwier. Ended up on the XP-L Hi V3 3A which is 5000K, it’s supposedly the highest output while still being an okay color temperature. I have a love for SST-20 and their 3000K-4000K >95CRI, but decided to go with something else for my dad this time since he doesn’t care about CRI. And of course I had to get one myself.

I also purchased Armytek’s headband for the Wizard, planning to modify it or 3D print a modification so it will fit the PL47 perfectly. It should fit out of the box, but I’m not sure how well.

The original headband isn’t great from what I’ve heard.