[4K Review] Haikelite Q30 12000 lumen on a budget

Better value than the Q8 and MF01?

I dont watch movies… i like watching flashaholics video… so cool… hope your knees will get better.

so an slightly redesigned MT03?

You are really lucky for your wife seems to share your passion for flashlights. Again, another amazing video. I really like the suspenseful music. :-) I always wonder where the path to the right would lead? Is it even more dangerous? I hope your knees will get well soon.

Thanks for a very entertaining video production!
Seems like the Q30 does alright and can mix it with the big budget flashlights …it’s about bloody time someone takes it up to them at a fair price point

Thanks guys, it only measured 8500 lumens but I suppose it will be around $55 with a good coupon code.

I think I’d take the ROT66 SST20 over it though for similar money.

The Q30 seems like a toned down version of the MT03. For a little more money I rather have the MT03TA with the really high build quality, amazing finning and TA driver. My MTO3 modded by TA is still one of my favorite flooders.

Do you remember how many lumen you get on your mt03ta ? 16000? 17000?

I just got one two days ago. Stock it made 15930 lumens. Now with bypassed springs making 19000

I can’t remember for sure. I think it was making 14k lumens but that is with the 4000k 80CRI M4 bin. I believe you have the 6500k P2 bin.

Nice video.

still not bad…but way lower then advertised, but no other light for the price has that many lumens.

Just a reminder that this light does NOT have XHP70s, they are Chinese “7070” LEDs. As much as I know the quality of lots of tech coming out of China, there’s really no assurance of long lifespan or any sort of reliability in these emitters.

MT03 With tailcap from SC26 :smiley:

And side fin marks from MT09R :smiley: