[4K Review] Lumintop EDC18

I hope the 21700 version of the EDC18 has an EDC05C design

I’m considering getting an EDC18, but I wonder if it is a bit too similar to an Emisar D4.

  • My lighted switch aluminum D4 with steel bezel weights 68g empty. According to Neal’s website the EDC18 weighs 76g empty…. that’s 8g heavier than my D4 for a light with one fewer emitters.
  • It has nice knurling which the D4v1 lacked, but the D4v2 fixed that.

I like your reviews, very entertaining and informative at the same time! Question is, did you get out unscathed…?

As you have them both with the same LEDs, how do you find the beam of the EDC18 compared to the FW3A? They look slightly different in the video which i’m guessing is due to slightly different optics? Hard to tell though.
(I have both but with different emitters as well as optics.)

Yeah my FW3A has frosted optics so gives a nicer floodier beam with a slightly different tint