My review of the unfeasibly small LUMINTOP GT NANO, can it reach the claimed 300m? How long can it hold Turbo? 450 lumens? Did I lose the micro battery and spend 2 hours looking for it?

Neat little thing! Looks like it’s a convoy s2+ with the flat white, narsil, and a tiny battery. Your videos are informative as always.

Yeh, as soon as I heard it came out, I was like, “ooh, I want one!!!111”, but seeing how fast the teeny little cell gets drained (as expected) in, like, seconds, I begged off.

Nice as a toy to show people, but impractical unless you keep it throttled down. And then how much use as a thrower would a keychain light be? And it’s a huge head for a keychain light…

Unno, I’d stick with a regular AAA light like a E3A or whatnot.

Last week our block had a blackout when a tree keeled over right on top of powerlines, and even my ’micro that started out at 4.1V ended up down to 3.6V after what seemed like only a few minutes on momentary-turbo to assess the damage and otherwise just gawk at the sparking wires and the downed tree.

And that’s with a pretty decent 14500.

Using a 10180 in even a smaller light?? That’s like having a commuter car with a 3pt gas-tank. Where you have to drop the tank to refill it.

Nah. I really wanted one, but… nah.

It’s ok, I was disappointed with the speedy stepdown but tbh it’s still out throwing most keychain lights when it’s stepped down.

Nice review. Yeah, who cares what anyone thinks if YOU like it. The “experts” here will give you their opinions why THEY don’t like it but it’s your opinion that matters.

My Nano is still in the pipeline and I can’t wait to get it. It’s a novelty buy for me but I’m sure I’ll get a kick out of it, turbo running time or whatever. It’s just so damn cute I couldn’t resist.

Hopefully there will be a nano 10440 package without 10180 tube and charger at a reasonable price (around $25).