[4K Review] Manker E14 III - great alternative to confusing Anduril lights!

For all those who hate the complexity of Anduril this is the essential 18350 pocket rocket…

Thank you for the great review and outdoor testing. Just in time for the BLF combo to drop. I would prefer the 4000k E14 III over the 6500k.

3,400 lumens from 18350 is unheard of! Brighter than even the D4. I would love to see the 4000k 90cri version in action. Hope the tint is not green.

I think Anduril is very intuitive to use….

The tint of the 4000k isn’t green at all and Anduril isn’t intuitive at all to use. :smiley:

I bought this light as soon as I read about it here. I’m also in line for the combo. It really is a nice light. Not perfect but, very nice still. I am not a flag waving fan of mode memory. I don’t really hate it either. I am kind of neutral, like Switzerland. I spend most of my time in one of the five lower modes than anything else. The occasional double click to turbo is fun, makes the kids smile and the wife wanting to know, “Why Todd, just, Why”? I think it’s worth every penny. Even without a coupon. Which is how I bought it.

I don’t care about the blinky modes but, use beacon once in a while and the flashes are too close together and it’s too bright. That’s okay though, I have other lights for jobs like that. I put a red filter on it and put it in the window, takes the neighbors weeks to figure out what I’m doing now. It’s a fun light that carries well. It’s not exactly lightweight. That’s okay, the weight doesn’t bother me. It comes on too easy in the pocket so, lockout is a must for me. I think this is going to be a problem for most tail mounted e-switch lights. Bumping into stuff and being in tight spots all day, something will find a way to accidentally hit that button.

With that black body, copper head and the stainless tail and switch, none of those bad things bother me. The nice beam and tint win me over. The fact that it isn’t running Anduril keeps me using it despite the flaws. It has character, class maybe. I don’t know, it has something that makes me still put it in my pocket every morning. Too many lights sit around unused for one reason or the other. This one gets used and used often. Manker may be a bit of an oddball at times but, this light is a winner to me. I’ll buy a few more just in case they quit making them. Who here hasn’t thought that at one time or another. Thats when you know it’s a good light, to you, which is all that really matters.

So many people hate it though, intuitive maybe but when I lend it to people first thing they do is click away, usually 4 times and they are reprogramming…

I wish they’d run with the Sammy 5000K. For me the grail of high cri.

I agree, I would buy another if the 5000K Samsung was offered. I like both 4000K and 5000K. Anything in between is okay as well. I just don’t like the blues and greens that come along with some bins. I don’t have the time nor patience to start researching bins so, I just buy what I like and give it away if it’s awful. :slight_smile:

I have the Meote 5000K and the tint is green. The same emitter in the SP36 is not green though so I guess it depends on the batch, but generally the LH351D is on the green side.

Seems to be very much like the Olight UI :+1: .

I wonder how the thermal regulation can be as good as it is. The copper head stores much less heat. In theory it should get hot very soon or the flux should go down fast and significantly.

You have a terrible monster this time. Glad you survived Cheese-Bob :+1: .

I am really liking the 5 different moon light modes :+1:

Did you see Vinh’s review? He nearly had an accident over the UI.

:laughing: :+1:

Copper is an excellent conductor of heat,better than even aluminum, not to mention it’s added thermal mass

Here is an additional (p)review featuring the .....

Manker E14 III .... with some nice beamshots ..... (use your browser as translator)

With a thankyou to the Torch King forum.