[4K Review] The very hard hitting WUBEN C3

In doors the beam looked ghastly, outdoors it blew my balls clean off….



Thanks for another superb film FA… I found a super deal on the C3 and grabbed it just now after watching your excellent work here. I also have the C5 and I like the little 14500 monster for a small EDC.

I have needed a smaller light for the wife’s car that will run CR123a’s and this will be her new car light. Small but with a nice wide spill and as you say… PUNCH!

Cheers Ears!

Hi, I have a question, I received my Wuben C3 yesterday, nice light, but memory doesn’t work.
Every time I turn it on it changes light level.
Some advice on how solve the issue?

Mine is just gifted, but I heard this issue also existed with the C5. Wuben said WAIT 5 seconds between cycling and memory works— might try it?

Yep, 5 seconds or more memory works every time.

I can wait 60 seconds, memory doesn’t work!
Could I do anything to fix it?

Contact Wuben, leaving off for over 5 seconds works for mine