4th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - People's Choice Award - Ended, Poll closed!

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:


Didn't like the judges' decision? It's now your turn to select the winner: We have a special "People's Choice"-award!

Your task is to read through all the build threads and vote who will get that award.

To make it a bit harder for you, there are no categories in this award!

That's right. You will be voting for a single best build in the whole competition - and the winner will get an Acebeam H10 headlamp (provided by hc-lights.fi)

Voting starts now and ends in two weeks!

Links to build threads:

Machine Made category:

Can you post a direct link to each one’s entry? Thanks! :THUMBS-UP:

Nice works guys!
I think Everyone is a Winner! :THUMBS-UP:

Nice touch _the, looking forward to seeing the results on this. Vote away everyone!

This thread needs a daily bump if it’s only on for 1 week.

Maybe some summary shots of the finished builds would be a good idea here.



















Thanks, CRX! I believe you’re right. This will help people remember/decide!

Glad you agree mate, it was a mission!

This thread seems a bit glitchy - it kept canceling my vote when i was trying to post and hasn’t registered on my post count either. Also wipes out the text when trying to preview.

Yeah, it might be good for people with slower connexions etc.

This was a very tough choice this year. Lots of good work going on!

Good thinking CRX. :THUMBS-UP:

Daily bump is a good idea, but you make the 1 week dl to sound a bit unfair. After all, the judges had 2 weeks…

=> Changed the duration to 2 weeks.

Please help and bump this as soon as it gets out from front page. :slight_smile:

Ps. Thanks CRX!!


+1 :slight_smile:

…and again! :wink: :smiley:

Come on guys, we want a lot of participation here! We’ve got a lot more BLF members than just the 39 current total votes!

So many good lights, i am very impressed (btw thanks CRX for compiling the pics) :slight_smile:
I placed my vote for a very classy looking light 8^)

What happens if one can’t decide their favourite because they’re all so good :sushi:

Heads or tails. :slight_smile:

At the end of every op the number of reads is listed and will give you an idea how well attended a build was. O:)