4xAA unbranded lights?

I’m curious on why it’s rare to have this soda can style for AA lights.

I know fenix thrunite nitecore sunwayman did this. But other affordable companies don’t do this?

Convoy has one that take 3xAA but it is kinda massive.

Maybe thorfire or manker can start considering?

I mean driver wise is a problem but I’ve tried driving an xml2 with nanjg 105d and they seem to run fine without driver heating up

heheh if the Q8 works out, we plan on a Q4, acepting AA and 14500 and looking like a scaled down Q8
But this could take very long.

What is that convoy you are talking about?

The convoy l2 uses 3xaa

ah yeah 3 AA in series, a lot of flashlghts do, but when you wrote soda can I figured AA in parallel

when it comes to AA many types will appear

especially when I saw that the lumintop blf? running 2s2p? weird.

LuminTop SD4A takes 4xAA.

that’s the one I’m talking about. One version of it is 2s2p if I’m not wrong

Edit: sorry it’s the sd10

I like the beer can style for 4xAA lights. Great way of packing a 1000 lumens of AA power into a small format, and the larger reflector size gives great throw. But, perhaps the average consumer finds them too short and fat. It’s too thick to pocket carry (unless you have very big jacket pockets), and not long enough to give that club feel.

I admit mine don’t get a lot of carry time, because the format isn’t easy to carry. I still like it, though. Nice to have a lot of run time in a AA light, too.

maybe the starrylight sa22 or jetbeam pa40 long tube shape? Long is better than fat imo.
I mean most of my 18650 lights are already long