4xCR123 drop in?

So I have an older Cabelas XPG 4 cell light that has a malfunctioning XRE P60. Any suggestions for a decent quality but economic 12v P60 module? Not willing to pay for a Malkoff, plus the M91 would be way too aggressive for this plastic light. I figure a max output of about 400 lumens would be best. I’m thinking about just building one with the economy buck driver on mtn, but then they see to be out of the 3535 compatible pills.

It seems P60 is falling out of favor. Adventure Sport Flashlights used to sell P60 drop-ins but there is no mention of P60 any more on the site. Texas Lumens sells custom P60 flashlights, but I couldn’t find a drop-in for you there. Kaidomain has a few P60 drop-ins, but I didn’t see any 12V ones. Do you have to use CR123A cells? Could you squeeze a couple of 18650 cells in the light and use a 6V drop-in instead?

EDIT: Kaidomain does have 6V drop-ins, if that will work for you. Also, if 18650’s are too wide for the light, then Mountain Electronics sells 16650’s that might work for you. They will at least fit the diameter. I don’t know what the light looks like, so length might still be a question.

If you got the guts of the drop-in and it’s quite dead, you could just get the parts and throw ’em in.

But before anyone goes crazy making suggestions for drivers, you should specify if you’re okay with 1-mode, want multiple modes, etc. A 1-mode buck driver would probably be easiest to find, though. And you could throw in a nice XP-G2 or XP-L with the appropriate gasket. The hole for an XR-E would pretty much necessitate one.

Or you could just order everything from scratch from FT or the like, and tailor it for an XM or XP package.

Probably going to scoop up the Lumens Factory 1 mode drop in, although I might do an emitter swap on an old Dereelight P60 which currently has the original XRE. I’m sure something like the XPG2 or SST-20 would work fine in the reflector, just not sure which gasket/spacer to use yet.

So ended up upgrading the old Dereelight XRE to a SST-20 (4000k 95cri). Beam is nice, very similar to the XRE. For some reason, the brightness is a bit under whelming. Not sure if this is just a dud SST-20, if I got everything just a little too hot or if the driver is lower than I had believed. I’ll have to check some tailcap measurements eventually.