5% Exduct Coupon Code

I used your code thank you.


Have fun!

Used that. Thanks!

Here's a new one: Coupon code: 4E6294A27D0AE

If anyone wants to use my 5% exduct code:


Expires in 10 days.

Is anyone willing to share 5% discount code? Thanks!

This should work: 4E6294A27D0AE

Or you can use 4E0EEDAB07CC2

Here are 2 codes that should work!

Coupon code: 4ED310AA85C61 (works until 12/7/11)

Affiliate code: 4E90F9ED827D2

Coupon code: 4ED32D6CA7782

5% off. use in ten days from now

I will go ahead and put my affiliate code a as well :


Please post if you have used any of the codes provided in these posts so we don't have people trying them and they no longer work. One time useage on these

"Here is a %5 OFF coupon for your next purchase at Exduct:

Coupon code: 4ED2AEE9A5352
Don't wait, this coupon will be available only for the next 10 days...

Here is a Affiliate coupon for you earning %5 Commssion at Exduct:

Coupon code: 4ED2AEE9A6AC0
This coupon could be use 1 time per user,you will earn 5% commssion from others."

Another one: 4EA12A38E991C

4EC8392C66A4D This is my affiliate coupon code for 5% off. 4EC8392C66A4D I'll add it to the many here, can be used once per person.


This one is my affiliate code:


As usual, once per person but no expiry date.

Here is another affiliate code


This coupon can be use 1 time / user

Thank you. I used it.

I was in a hurry and just took the code in the last post, I should have taken an expiring one. Sorry, its my first Exduct purchase. (I doubt its the last)

EDIT: Here's the code I got:



Thanks, I used it.

Here is mine:

Coupon code: 4E063136BFC4C

5% off 1 time / user


I used this coupon.

Here is my affliate coupon. Feel free to use it

Coupon code: 4EDBB1507CFDB

4F0F2BC8E1335 - available for the next 10 days


Affiliate coupon:

Coupon code: 4EEE1034D8FF2
This coupon could be use 1 time - should give you 5% off and me 5% off I think.
I used one of the earlier but cant remember which one :/

I placed my first order with Exduct and got a coupon code that can be used for 5% off. I also used someone's code (sorry, can't remember who ) so I saved a bit on my order thanks to the 5% off.

Their shipping costs are kinda expensive when you're used to free shipping. The shipping costs added ~$2 per knife (and these were lightweight knives) so I'm not sure if I'm gonna order from them again, especially since they apparently removed the China Post option.

Anyway, here is the 5% off coupon code that can be used once per user: 4F1387ED00129