5% off coupon at exduct

Hi everybody!

Got a 5 % off coupon from exduct with my order confirmation but won't use it. I don't know if it's usable more than just one time, so hurry if you think you want it.

Here is a %5 OFF coupon for your next purchase at Exduct:

Coupon code: 4DEA8BDFEEDD6
Don't wait, this coupon will be available only for the next 10 days...

Here is a $ 5.00 OFF coupon for you purchase Precision Sharpener:

Coupon code: 4DEA8BDFEFD74
Don't wait, this coupon will be available only for the next 10 days..

I just got the same coupon too. Thanks for the offer though Huny.

D'oh, missed by a day. I don't suppose anyone has a fresh one?

Edit: Apparently you can use the affiliate code they give you on registration on yourself, so I'm good. Thanks for the responses though, you guys are great!

Are the codes reusable? Don't think so.

I won't need it, so here you are:

4DF25535C59E5 (valid to June 20th)

Thanks! Supposedly they are reusable:

"2) Order coupon can be used both for you and your friends, but each user can only use 1 time, and have same expiration date."

(link to exduct faq)

On another note, shipping stopped me dead in my tracks.

Edit: removed redundant text

If anyone needs a coupon for 5% off, feel free to use this one: 4DEFC08BA14F9.

Should be good for another couple of days.

Oh! This is a great help. There are a lot of promo like Coupons and Gifts and I can’t wait to have one. This would greatly save for my payday loan since I am always working on the web and maybe by chance, I could win some. Thanks for posting this link.

If anyone wants to use my 5% exduct code:


Expires in 10 days.