5 reviews on the same light ..??

Does anyone really need Multiple reviews of the same light ???

Here's my unbiased Baldey flashlight review ..Bald eagle gave me these lights for review ..One flew away .......

Bolder gave me a light

It was free ... I like it ...The end .

I'm actually not very excited to see the rush to new light reviews ...Suddenly everyone becomes a professional reviewer and photographer .

Too many times I avoid reviews because they are pic heavy, bloated and somewhat sicky sweet.

Baldy ....ask for it by name

Somebody is in a mood tonight…

Haha…I agree somewhat when the reviewer is given the light which is the case with quite a few reviews.

If you paid for it I want to hear a review and I don’t even care if it’s been reviewed before as long as it’s a real review and not just a product endorsement.

I do like it better when the reviewer uses their own words and doesn’t try to make it sound like they are writing a magazine article.

I was just airing it out ...:)

Seriously for my write-ups, i give measurements. Not much sweets inside. Actually not much photos.

Tail current for L-M-H, lux bounce, if possible maybe next time i will do a 1-5 min lux drop test. Straight to the point and no long subjective impressions.

How about

“This is one bright light…the brightest light I’ve ever seen and it’s quite a thrower as well and has good spill.”

“When Zeus brought down a light form the mountain top it had to be this little number. Sexy good looks with attention to detail this light will have all the ladies looking your way”

“Seriously, do yourself a favor and run out and get this light you won’t be sorry and its quite likely that you’ll never need another light”

How’s that :slight_smile:

This wasn't meant to knock anyones efforts on a review (reviews actually helped me NOT buy the Balder)(PWM) .. As far as what i like in a review... it looks a lot like a Foyreview .. The summary of the entire review right up front is his best feature .

Foy's a rebel. He ignores the review template

I like Foy's reviews .

I like his enthusiasm and great photos .

I like to be entertained .

Boaz heres my review

Buy It!!!


The funny thing is that I would buy the Balder if I could get one that looked like the reviewed ones. (no printing and black clip). :)

EDIT: ...and unglued. Maybe they all are, but I doubt it.

To much apple pie tonight Boaz? LOL!

Multiple reviews are a great way of finding out if a particular model is consistent from example to example.

That's probably why my new version L2 and L2T review didn't get stickied - 'cause old4570 already did one on those lights. I did consider not doing those two because of that but . . . I've got my fans to think about.


No PWM, sounds like the Shadow JM05 and I'd think JM07 Pro too. I got the Spolite AL06, PWM yes!

My King Kong brand 26650 arrived, the label is quite nice. Too bad i forgot to bring my charger to the office, so tonight when i return home i'll have to charge it (maybe for 3hrs) and then do a discharge (during sleep time so can't post fast....ARGH!)

I actually like multiple reviews of the same product. Nothing like 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc opinions to balance things out and cover all the details. Very frustrating to read a long, technically excellent, expert review of a particular flashlight, and by the end I've still no idea if the damned thing can tailstand or not! Also multiple reviews sometimes help to give an idea of the QC threshold on that particular light.

+1 exactly

That's one of the reasons I typically don't do reviews: I am usually late to the party and by the time I feel I have something to say about any particular flashlight, there's nothing left to say that hasn't already been covered.

I don't mind taking pictures, because that's something I enjoy, whereas writing, proofreading, editing and HTML-izing a review feels like work. Oh, did I mention I'm usually really lazy busy ? :D

Hmmm. Sounds like someone needs to loosen their BVDs a few notches.

If I like a light and consider it a possible purchase, I like reading different reviews of it. I am seeking different reviews of it to be exact.

As far as I'm concerned, the more reviews the merrier. I especially like reviews not written by me.