$50 Amazon gift card...

What would you buy? Please be as close as possible…

In terms of flashlights or in general?

If in general you could buy some eneloops and a charger, although you may not need them?

say buy a flashlight, a house, a pen, a cake, a bicycle and …. some books 0:)

Ok, ill play.
I would get this . Jetbeam BC40 for $48.00. Only six left!

That's a very decent price on the BC 40!

Wow, agree amazing price get that!

That is excellent price for BC40, 13 left in stock (this is what it says to me), unfortunately “We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address.”
I would spend some time and try to find this one and this fl together for 50$ if I can, because I like how they look and would like to have them both :wink:

Maybe a flash light or some nice below $40 stuff.

Fandyfire SP00 USD 22.30
Fandyfire SP01 USD 23.61

Before coupon.

Fandyfire SP00 USD $19.51
Fandyfire SP02 USD $35.09
Before coupon code :slight_smile: btw, I would like to own all three of them :bigsmile: but the point is to use $50 Amazon gift card, not applicable at DX or FT or anywhere else. They are more expensive on amazon but you get tu use $50 GC and only add few bucks while everywhere else, you pay full price…

Some good ideas here!! I am still trying to decide. It is a fun exercise to try and stay within the $50.

yes, but more you think of it harder it is to decide, more searching, more options pops up, more time for comparison and at the end you will alway wonder “what if I bought that one instead of this one”… been there, done that :stuck_out_tongue: