50 gb of free cloud storage

This might be useful to your computing needs.
50gb of free storage .... when you sign up you can send (two friends or collaborators as they call them) another 50 gb each, to them.
This is the easiest to use for your tablet, iphone, computer, etc.
Easier than the ones I have used, Sugar Sync, Mega, DropBox, SkyDrive or Google Drive, usually you only get 5gb-25gb, .... this is for 50gb ....

Jump on it NOW, .... before this offer closes, .... I'd still use your spam email addy's.

50 GB of web storage
250 MB file size limit, can't send/store streaming video, must be below the 250mb limit
10 GB - monthly shared bandwidth limit (calendar) [box.com]
Simple sharing and collaboration
Mobile app access

it seems to require a phone number. Do I have to give my real phone number?
Yes, a phone number is required, and no, it does not have to be a real one.


Hope this helps someone

Awesome! Thanks.

I'll throw out as an alternative that a Pogoplug and a removable hard drive will give you a dropbox like alternative, except everything is stored on your own disk space so you retain control of it. Obviously a bit more expensive though. ;)

interesting… i use dropbox for a lot of stuff on a daily basis… space is not an issue for me yet… im using 9gb/19gb on my free account… maybe ill check this one out if its free though

Google drive is straight up 5gb free.
No file size limit/monthly bandwidth.

Thanks for posting this. I created an account.

I've been using Dropbox (5.38gb), SkyDrive (45gb), Google Drive (5gb) , and now Box (50gb). I'll play around with it tomorrow when I have some time. It's 2:25am here, time for bed

Update: I'm loving the 50gb's of free storage, but I'm not liking the 250mb file size limit. Oh well, what do you want for free?

Any number of drives can be attached. I have a 1TB, 60G portable and a 32G thumb drive attached to mine. Also the pogoplug and it’s drives acts as sort of an NAS device on your local network. So for the cost of a drive and the pogoplug, one can have unlimited cloud storage with no fees.
A pogo plug can be had for only $20.

Another option for sending files is WeTransfer.com. Free service allows up to a 2 gig file. Not 2 gig of storage, but sending up to a 2 gig file.

Phone is optional, at least after registration is removable, probably even optional during registration.

Thx for notification :slight_smile:

Pogoplug is a really different service, you don’t use their storage you use your own storage, just that they sell you the applications to access your data on various devices.

But you can do that without their service and applications as well especially if you have a public IP. You are limited by your upload rate which for many is very low. Where as upload rate of datacenters, data storage services is high.

Does this work like cloud? Can I use it for iPhone backups?

yeap :slight_smile: its the same as drop box but with more space

if you use my link we both get double space :slight_smile:

got 15gb ,thanks jmpaul.
now 20bg

Skynet anyone? :slight_smile:
Seriously though…anyone have privacy concerns parking your private data on an unknown server? Not to be paranoid…but with recent revelations regarding google et al…shouldn’t we be wary?

I dont think anyone would store really personal information unsecured in any cloud. I use Dropbox (26GB thanks to HTC promo) for pictures and such. Important data is in a truecrypt container. Boxcryptor seems to be good, too.

im up to somewhere around 60 gb… they give you 5gb for everyone u refer… some people at work are up to 3 tb already but thats crazy and i dont have time to make adwords on google

i just park pics and music and other crap i want backed up on there… all my personal stuff is… hidden elsewhere locally

I'm now checking into free online cloud storage with a reasonable amount of storage space (10GB min, the more the better!). What I really like is the ability to integrate within Windows Explorer (i.e. have a mapped drive letter to the online storage). Box.com is at 10GB free storage, Google Drive is at 15GB. Any others I should consider? Should have jumped on this promo back then.


Mega offers 50GB of free storage. I’ve been using it for about a month, and seems to be pretty good. :slight_smile:

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