5000K or 6500K?

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I was hoping to ask the respected, experienced members if they would recommend 5000k or 6500k for self defence (momentarily scaring off/blinding an attacker at night), and would you use the strobe or just the turbo?

I also wanted to ask if you would recommend 5000k or 6500k to see through fog?

Finally would you say one's vision in the bush at night is clearer with 5000k or 6500k?

I tried to google the answers, but got conflicting answers.

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None of the above, If you want to momentarily scare off a human/animal what you want is a light with a ton of lux to point in their specific direction. Color temp really isnt all that important compared to lux

Up at the top left of this page, or any page on BLF, type in “self defense light” in the search bar. Tons of good and entertaining answers. None of which will point you to a specific light or color temp. They will help you realize that a flashlight is a horrible defensive tool. It may help you see but, it’s not very good at scaring off the determined among us. :wink:

Good luck with your search if you decide to take it in that direction.

It is a great self defense tool if the light is attached to a gun…just sayin

Or if you could use the light as a brick smaher or glass broker, too.

Doesn’t matter what the temperature (tint) is. It’s about lumens. And note that whatever “distraction” it creates, it’s momentary. Someone with low confidence may be a little put off, but if someone is adamant about attacking, the flashlight alone won’t do it. I know a guy who carries a “gun cock” noise maker and a very bright flashlight when he expects to go to places at night that are risky. He says the “gun cock” worked 2 times out of 3. With a bright light pointed at you so you can’t see who it is, then you hear what sounds like a gun being loaded… yeah, who is going to risk checking for “fraud”? One guy didn’t buy it. But I think it’s because he had a gun. :disappointed:

Thank you for all the hilarious feedback.

I presume you are saying that 5000 k or 6500 k also makes no difference in the fog and seeing in the bush at night?

Thank you all



Warmer CTs (eg, 2700K) are best for fog, as colder CTs (eg, 6500K) cause way too much backscatter.

To blind an attacker, used properly, a pepper spray might be more effective.

Flashlights scaring off attackers at night?

I wonder what Charlton Heston would tell us about the proper means for self-defense. :-D

(...and no, I don‘t mean to encourage anyone to using firearms for self-defense)

Strobe light is IMHO absolutely ineffective against attackers of any kind (human beings, wild nasty animals and possibly also any intelligent species from outer space). Strobe will not even drive away furious wives or make your neighbor‘s kids say „wow“ unless they have never seen a flashlight before.

For self defense, I carry pepper spray.

I also carry a knife but I really don't want to defend myself with it unless I have to.

Luckily, I'm kinda a big guy that looks somewhat creepy, so everyone just leaves me alone.

I do feel a lot safer with the pepper spray and knife even though I've never had to use them to defend myself.

I don't think a flashlight is all that good for self defense unless it's like a 6D Maglite.

My sister used to do security work, and she carried a large Maglite but never had to use it for defense.

Of course, if someone is carrying a huge flashlight, maybe most people won't mess with them as much.

Tint doesn’t matter against crooks. What does is the weight. So a 4D Mag converted by Matt Smith would do you good. lol

We used to dance with strobe lights flashing.
And who can forget the disco ball.


Xenon starts at 4000K, halogen at 2700K. You clearly see a difference in backscatter, and that’s imo the only disadvantage of xenon lights.

Strobe is useless, because attackers will not position in front of you, giving you time to prepare. They attack you from behind. Even if you have the time to activate strobe and point it to someone, you risk to make him mad.

Thank you for all the advice and excellent humour (I wonder if anyone has placed their flashlight on their dashboard to drive through heavy fog?)

Once or twice I stuck my arm out the window while holding one of my warmer lights, just for fun :smiley: I’d do it more often, but fog where I live is pretty rare.

i would also agree that a light is not a great defense

the brighter the better, if that is all you have
(I;d invest in fast shoes)
the higher color temp (ie bluer) lights usually have more lumens per watt, so go with that


for ‘fog’, 5000 vs 6500k is not going to matter
no led light will be yellow enough to cut through fog well

2700 might be your best bet
still it will not be the orange yellow that you really need


Have not tested fog. But tried two identical lights in a heavy snow last winter. Could see about 30 or 40 feet with the 5000. The 6500 was blindingly bright and could not see the same trees. Surprising result. Maybe I will try during the next fog and post the subjective result somewhere.
Good luck with your endeavors.

5000k will produce a nicer, clearer image of the attacker’s facial features and better color rendition of his clothing, so you can describe him better to the police after being assaulted.

I read this on a edc forum: If you know self defense, you don’t need a flashlight. If you don’t know self defense, a flashlight ain’t gonna teach you. Same goes for tactical pens and knives.

If I have to choose I’d go with 80 lumens from a 4D mag rather than 3500lumens from a FW3A