5000mAh Li-Ions have arrived... 10000mAH is within our grasp in the not-too-distant future...

not a bad deal for 25 bucks with free shipping

don’t need the charger or quite that much bogus power reserve, how ’bout these: 5 for $11

and they’re tested before shipping:

I’m placing an order for some of that shrink wrap labeling highlighted in this post here right away! :nerd_face:

Lol - only 4 of 8 lights lit on that “tester”.

AHH, four good cells charging and four dead at factory. 50%, I like those odds!

Thanks for the link. I just bought a box full. The free postage one me over. Cheers.

I think you should buy them all before someone else comes along and buys them out ..."these won't last long" ....in more than just one way ... :P

5000mAh for all 8 batteries total, that’s 625mAh per battery - seems quite possible! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

The Ultrafire 18650 in the red label is probably fake, http://laserpointerforums.com/f67/fake-ultrafire-18650-s-72833.html

It contains mostly white powder of unknown origin.

its cocaine :slight_smile:

Very cute scaru.

If you google basically anything you can find a smiley for it.

Scaru is a googly google guy :slight_smile:

to go with the BLF edition lights……. just have to get the same company that printed up those fake shrink sleeves above

Definate fakes mAH should be mAh.

What’s happening is that drug cartels are getting too smart for their own good. Rather than smuggling cocaine in 18650 cells that don’t actually work (bulk lots of cells reading at 0v would be suspicious), they’ve managed to actually cram a tiny bit of energy into them as well. The problem is that someone, somewhere, has, as a result, mistaken them for marketable consumer products. This explains two things: the terrible performance, and the pictures above.

True story!

Group buy! Custom label should read "10,000 mEH".

Yeah… that’s what they mean!

Very interesting link Blord. thanks

+1 (I shoulda’ thought of this one :frowning: )

According to latest international electrical code labeling :wink: - once the claimed capacity of counterfeit batteries rises >200% above potential capacity, the lowercase “h” is capitalized to emphasize the absurdity

LMAO@the white powder!!! :smiley: Did you smell it? Add it to water? Heat it up? Any guesses? lol!

Anybody tried the 4000mAh ‘gold’ Ultrafires that are going on eBay? (£9.95 for 4 shipped)

I ordered them before I did my research and they just landed today. I’m still waiting on my Hobby charger to arrive so can’t test them but I know they must be fakes from what I’ve read so far. I’ve contacted the seller as I’m doubly brassed off that he advertised as being UK yet clearly works out of China. Worth keeping or time to test the paypal dispute system?