52mm aspheric lens

I’m looking for a 52mm aspheric lens for a 3D Mag-Lite or a good lens. Any ideas where I could get one?

Lately the quality has been better from DX, KD or welparts (Ebay) from what I have read. The prices are reasonable. A step up in quality would be Optolife A293 or A293MC. The MC is AR coated and should allow more light by about 4-5%. The next step is Melles Griot.

This is the DX optic I used on my aspheric Mag mod with decent results…


OK, I have a noob question I thought the 3D took a 52mm lens will the 50mm work? Do I need to do any mods for the 50mm? Thanks for the input guys.

I haven’t measured the lens myself, but this is the same lens that worked in my Maglite. It is still large enough to be held in place by the bezel ring.

I bought as couple from DX, can’t recall if they were 50 or 52mm. They had 2 different ones listed so I opted for both. Sadly neither were labelled when I received them, so I don’t actually know which I’m using. It’s not bad, doesn’t actually throw much further than the Mag did before, but places a lot more concentrated light on the target.