$55 BTU STR01 XHP50 - any good?

I came across the BTU STR01 on edc-light.com, and it’s a 2x26650 flashlight running a XHP50. But I can’t find any info on it at all, other than it kinda looks like a Shadow JM35 clone. Is this light any good? Or does it at least make a good host for a XHP or MTG2 flashlight?

No idea but the reflector is pretty deep. U can check out the thread started by Ric from cnqg

I have both flashlights the BTU STR01 and the Shadow JM35. What other info are you interested in knowing about the BTU STR01? Here is a size comparison of both:



I have wanted one of these, but I'd like to read a good review first.

Basically if it’s a good light or not, if it was worth purchasing or not and so forth.

Also, where did you get it from? I’ve heard some not so good reports from edc-lights/cnqualitygoods where orders would vanish into the ether for months, or there would be problems and the vendor wouldn’t even respond to the customer.