5500k LED but has to match this..

hi I am on the lookout for a 5500k LED but has to match this footprint - if you could see page 6.
I have no idea what I am looking at or for on this one.

hcri would be nice but has to be around 5500k Mark.


thank you.

Did you forget to insert a link?

Ooops, - thanks. here it is; https://lumstatic.com/KC/oR/B_WpYtlR_3fuTnblxw.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1vt-Yjdie3WOSyisS521puGZzvaJwSUj_jTYmdYjF2Hdr480jw0MHEFWY

thank you.

How close around 5500K? If 5700K is not close enough you must have tight tolerances…

if there is a latest LED to match the 5500 that’s perfect. not looking much at 5700 even though its close.
thanks for help here.

Your link is to the datasheet for the Nichia NVSW219CT (Nichia 219C) which is normally fitted to a standard 3535 XP board (even though it has a footprint that is marginally smaller), so you’re after something with a standard 3535 XP footprint.
LEDs with this footprint include Cree XP LEDs (XP-Ex, XP-Gx, XP-Lx), the Luminous SST-20, the Luxeon V2 and the Samsung LH351D. There’ll be others i don’t know about.

Samsung do a 5000K HCRI LH531D but i don’t know if they do a 5500K version so i don’t know any LEDs that match your criteria, but at least you know you’re looking for something with a standard 3535 XP footprint.

With the variations in tint and temp within even a single binning you really might as well look at 5000-5700K and then actually test what ends up being preferable in real world use in your particular light. Temp can change 1000 degrees or more just based on how much current you’re feeding an LED as well.