5B1 or 5D2

i’m planning on getting my first xm-l2 emitters, and thought i would try a 80 CRI one, which tint do you more recommended of these two?
Please explain briefly why :slight_smile:




If you have to ask, then I assume you don't have much personal preference in tint since you want to basically let others tell you what to buy. The question is not like apples vs oranges (CW vs NW). Its more like, do you prefer that milk chocolate or the other milk chocolate from another big brand.

When that is said, I assume you are most used to typical "C" (and B) emitters, more hint of yellow.

Id say got with the 5D2 80 CRI minimum. It will probably be further away from what you are used too and thereby enlighten you more. :)

Its also one of those emitters I have not seen available in pre-built lights. Based on what I have seen to now, you are more likely to see "C" and "B" tints in those.

Which I prefer, Id give a slight advantage to the 5B1, but both are great!

i have XM-L U2 cool white 1B and a olight s20 of unknown warm tint

[/quote] i have XM-L U2 cool white 1B and a olight s20 of unknown warm tint [/quote]

My recommendation still says the same.

Rather bad that 1B, especially if you do side by side comparisons with a 2C or 3C.

Out of those 2 I would go with 5B as its closer to 4300k

I have only tried the 5D2 tint and it’s very nice neutral, brings out rich colors with it’s 80+ CRI.
From this chart you can see it will will have less yellow and more red than 5B1.
Imo it’s good when LED can bring out more red.
Regardless, both are T4 bin and 80+CRI and pretty close to each other on the chart.
Can’t go wrong with either but I choose 5D2.

For those who consider typical Nichia 219 TINT (not temperature) to be the benchmark. Then I would say the 5D2 is closer to the Nichia 219,despite being further away in temperature than the 5B1. Just saying, because temperature is not all.

i’ve never seen a nichia 219 but since both of these are 80+ cri i was planning on going with the warmest one even though they are not that far in difference anyways

Yes I understand the tint would be closer to the Nichia 219
But my preference as they are both 80+ CRI, I’d prefer it without the pink tint.

I think the only possible answer is, 'one of each'. :bigsmile:

I agree. Think of it as a school project.

Thats my approach! Way easier.. :bigsmile:

In three of my .. ehm.. counting.. 20 incoming packages there are 6 different XM-L2s and one UV LED. :)

Oh no, I though I was cured. 20 Packages! :X

(I mostly blame Wallbuys recent sale, and a few slow packages from various places.)

Hey RaceR, what UV-led do you have on order, just curious... :-)

Posted here, in order to avoid OT. :)

i wish, i would also get he xintd x3

I’d go with the R2D2 tint. The C3P0 tint is a little too golden and whiney for my tastes. But if you can find a 27B/6, buy it.

the R2D2 tint makes too much noise, i like silent lighting that is stationary

I got some of the T4 5D2 from IOS and fell in love with them. Wanted more and sent Hank a note asking if he would get more in future and he sent a note back saying that the 5D2 has been discontinued. So does that mean that Cree has actually stopped making them for some reason? Anyone heard anything more about that?