6. Batch "TA" 1S or 2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM drivers 15-47.5mm size fit, S2+, C8, H03, MF01, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch

those are possible short areas

also under R2 a short may happen but less likely

Its no problem to make a replacement for a fee that covers shipping parts and the time to make it,
usually cheaper than failure analysis but I try never to scrap a driver that has an error
I test all drivers here befre shipping so I have some that need fix and often points on little design errors (or fab errors because they are not within 6 mil with a layer)

on latest Gen I used 8 or 10 mil safety distance

Okay Lexel, I will check once more the spots you showed as potencial issue, thanks :wink:

Lost a switch pad on my skilhunt driver. Anyone know another option?

You can use one of lexels switch boards from oshpark as a replacement.

Is there another option to connect the switch?

ATiny 13/85 try the #2 Leg of the MCU the other to Grnd.

Awesome. Thank you very much. I know there should be a pin from MCU.
Now I need to figure out were number 2 is.
Thank you and Merry Xmas

Number one marked with a dot on the atmel. Pin 2 is in the same leg line next to it.

Thanks for the save :slight_smile: I been in a rush to get this together before family shows up. Doesn’t pay to hurry, I know.

I guess pin 2 is what Lexel uses on that driver? It can certainly vary. It might be best to trace the circuit back to verify it’s pin 2. (I’ve seen drivers where pin 7 is used)

Alternatively, you can scrape the solder mask off the trace by the pad and attach the wire there. The current is super low for the switch.

What BLF based/designed drivers use pin #7?

Every BLF based driver using the Atiny13/85 I have used, uses #2 Lexels/RMM’s.

Your welcome, Merry Christmas to you and yours! :beer:

The Haikelite MT09R and MT03 drivers that Texas_Ace built uses pin 7. He said he had to flip the MCU around so it fit the design better.

My point was that the pins are assignable, so it’s always good to verify.

Dont understand TA MT03 is different from his basic 46mm SRK he used to use 2 1206 0Ohm, On my designs I traced it without 0Ohm or changing any parts location or orientation

I flipped many drivers MCU from TA designs and never ran into pin assignment problems

I would always stick to the standard firmware pinouts which is compatible between them thanks to some forum members

Some drivers need to run a trace below a resistor

Switch will be aleays pin2
2S pin7 for voltage divider
2 channel pin 5,6
Indicator LED 3

3 channel 5,6,3
Indicator 7

Most everybody knows they are assignable, not BLF based drivers Lexel/RMM (#2 is kind of a standard) that I know of ever used #7, and this IS Lexel’s driver thread, any way good to know it was done on the Hacklites MT09R MT03 for what ever reason?

Right on! :+1:

You know what, there might have been some confusion about the chip orientation. I think it was Pin 2 after all and not 7.

I have got this driver working. I also lost the indicator light pad. Both mishaps where my fault and had nothing to do with the with the driver. I had the driver in a small vise when I was soldering the switch wires on, when I took the driver out of the vise the head of the light caught the vise, my solder joints held and the pad didn’t.

Thanks everyone that contributed to my success.

It would be interesting to install a driver waiting for Eagle Eyes X6R with the Narsil v.1.2 firmware and an E-switch
Is it possible ?