6. Batch "TA" 1S or 2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM drivers 15-47.5mm size fit, S2+, C8, H03, MF01, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch

According to the hwdefs, TK’s 4-channel lightsaber driver has the switch on pin 7 :slight_smile:

as far as I have seen the X6R uses switch on the main board and another piggy back board for charging and AMCs
It may be possible to add one of my drivery, you may sacrifise the charging board, like here and here

if the driver cavity is deep enough yopu may use charging board as well

Some lights make good hosts, some don’t. Due to the switch, the X6R does not look like a good host light.

Shipping conditions in Germany changed

usually you could ship whatever you wants just needed to look to size and weight specs
for sending items you could simply make another stamp and declaration and envelope had not to be glued and it was even cheaper on size and weight compared to normal envelope

now they simply changed normal envelopes to papers only, so they can charge more on non business customers for a parcel instead raising the price from 3.2€ to 18€
and for sending items you need to make a business account with 200 national shipment per year minimum quantity
this would not apply to me

If they check with x-ray or so the stuff I sent last days may be returned

Look in to DHL eCommerce

I doubt I will ever get back to 4€ tracked and 25€ insured envelope
if they really filter non paper envelopes with drivers in them with x-ray I got literally no other option than to send by DHL (17€ untracked uninsured or 46€ tracked and insured)

The DHL ecommerce isnt the fast DHL. Its a different product which i assume would be cheaper but i couldnt find pricing without getting a business quote

yes you need 200 per year minimum national and 5 per quarter international
no way i get that many national as most is international

is it possible to make a FET+N+1 driver for a 2s2p configuration on a MF02S?

does not make sense, as the LED is 12V, it woulsd smoky any AMCs plus its not regulated
Buck driver with 4S carrier mod is the way to go, we got full output and regulation

Ahhh, the custom X6R driver exists - I've used them recently.

This is a triple stack from PD68, old but latest driver design. All my pics on this triple LED X6R mod here: photobucket.com EagleEyeX6R Triple

It's a great light now - triple 90 CRI XP-L2's, though I didn't get in an AUX LED - need to add that still.

Hi Lexel, could you build me a
DD+7135 for 2S/2P and XHP70.2 for my MT70?

Hi as I mentioned before the MT70 uses a 12V LED board, so you cant DD it from 2S/2P same with buck driver
the Carrier mod is needed in any case

I could build a modded AMC board with DD FET + small FET with resistor 2 channel, but rather prefer regulated Buck driver for it

This is the standard solution if you dont want to change LED board to 6V which on the other hand would mean limited current capabilities with buck as voltage is reduced

Sorry to hear about your shipping troubles Lexel. You do great work, please keep us updated if you come up with a better solution. I’ll still be buying from you even with the higher shipping. Totally worth it.

Shipping is still possible, but for bulkier better use new Item letter which got more expensive
Seems I can use international with 5 per quarter and no limit for my country but then its also more expensive than last year

So 3.8€ for >10mm untracked
Oficially items are banned from. Ormal letters but I dont think flat drivers will cause issues as they can be handled by sorting machines

Is there any reasonable option for expedited shipping to US?

I could send DHL Express for about 40€

Well that covers all but one word of my question. Lol. Plan ahead I guess.

Strange that packages from Russia and Croatia come several days sooner then Germany. From a geographic perspective anyways.

Both of my orders have been shorter then I expected.

While I here,

Lexel. If I want to remove some 7135’s from a Skilhunt driver what order??

what do you mean with shorter order, did I miss some parts?

AMCs get the best removed with hot air, or 2 other persons with 2 more soldering irons, guess whats easier,
but with hot air you have to be careful not removing other parts as well including the other side