6. Batch "TA" 1S or 2S Bistro HD OTSM/NarsilM drivers 15-47.5mm size fit, S2+, C8, H03, MF01, MT03, Q8 Clicky or E-switch

I could remove the center copper with a flat drill press sinking tool

Plus use glue on all SMD parts on your driver

That would be great, thanks! (sent pm with size info)

I hope the (+) battery ring on my existing driver is actually soldered on and not part of the board or something.

as requested with cables and i also found 2 insulating washers

Wow, you’re awesome! Thanks for posting these photos! It’s nice to be able to enlarge them, I’m stoked about this driver!

So the wires are 0.75mm² ? I looked up the conversion to AWG and it looks like that’s equivalent to 18ga. (which is good I wouldn’t want anything bigger)

Just to confirm: ramping max at about 80% is current regulated/mixed, double click turbo is 100% direct drive ?

For the UI:

It’s NarsilM v1.2, correct? What is “GT” v1.2 ?

Are these links correct for this?:

Also is there an active shortcut to toggle between ramping and mode set? or do you need to go into config to change it?

I super want to do this to my MF01 but have no clue in terms of where to start as I’m super new to modding. I have access to incredibly skilled solder persons at work and I’m mechanically inclined but other than that what would I need to be looking at?

First step is to identify if its v1 or v2
Then if its not glued, or glued

V1 and V2 mod discussed here

Lexel how did you open a glued MF01? I managed to open the MF02 but my MF01 is very tough. I heated it with a hot air gun but everything is just slipping on the bezel.

Looks like mines is a V2, as I can see just two wires on the mcpcb. Looks a bit involved from the pictures in that thread, not really sure anymore lol…

If I understand well, the BLF Q8 driver, with NarsilM, LVP customization and a max temperature preset, the price if 17$, right? Without shipping of course.


I opened the MF01 with two CNC machined clamps from plier wood
Pretty much a machined 72mm hole 12mm deep in a 24mm plate, cut in half with a saw

Something similar was my next idea to try tomorrow.

Hey Lexel, how are you doing?

I had a question about your boost driver. I think you said it can provide up to 6A with a 6v led like a xhp70.2. Does this mean it would be drawing 14 or 15 amps from a single 26650 battery?

The current setting is limited at 18.8A from 19(21A peak) the driver can sustain
another resistor value can reduce the current

Have you had any help with getting Narsil to work properly with the boost driver?

I’ve also heard a lot of good stuff about ToyKeepers Andúril. Have you tried using that on it?

I tested yesterday a rewired and reprogrammed 30mm NarsilM driver as expected

I think I can rewire v2 boards to use NarsilM and Bistro HD properly, just got only few v2 drivers made
10 17mm 1.2mm
10 20-22mm 1.6mm
and 10 Klarus XT11/12GT 1.2 and 10 1.6mm

Sounds like good news!

How expensive is the 9V 20A XHP70.2 MT09R buck driver?

I would love to have one for myself.

Or is it not available yet?

The GT/MT09R are not ready yet and just the parts bill is over 50$ on my side

47.5mm Q8 driver

Lexel customized one of these for me to use in a different light, however I just received a Q8 today and I’d like to know all of the advantages of using this driver vs the stock driver in a Q8.

1. You get NarsilM V1.2 or Anduril if you want him to flash it.

2. You get a much higher lumen regulated modes at a max of 2000 lumens.

What is not to like?

Also, you fund him so he can develop better buck and boost drivers with NarsilM we all need :laughing: