6V - 8.4V, 4A driver

I need a 2 cell driver, w/ a high mode of 4A. 23mm max diameter (or can be sanded to that) and 21mm max height.

I tried the driver database, and searching several sites - but it seems this sort of driver is usually too big.

Alternatively, someone could point me to some info on sandwiching multiple drivers :)


edit: I put 6V in the title, because it'd be great if it had low voltage protection...but that's not essential.

What output voltage do you need ?

it is for 1 xml


How about this one: http://www.kaidomain.com/product/details.S020121

The diamater is a little to big, but maybe you can do something about it if you can use only main driver board.


chicago x has got one (or the one very similar to it from KD) on the way to him, hopefully, after he gets it, he'll tell me it can be shaved.

I could open up the pill a bit, but not much, and I don't like removing heat sink material :)

I'm still interested in wiring multiple boards, even if I find a single driver for my application, so if anybody has a good reference, please share it:)

ordered two of these


the size is a little off but it looks shaveable, price is ok, current is just right, too bad it has disco modes

That driver is HUGE - much bulkier than the pics suggest. I have several.

The wiring is placed in such a manner that discourages any kind of trimming.

At 79% efficiency, I would look elsewhere for a single XML driver. Over one-fifth of your battery energy would be wasted as heat, before any other losses are added up.

There's a single SST-50 driver out there that may work. I'll look around and get back to you.

do you mean the KD or the manafont I already ordered two of :(

i'd love to find this one (aqualab from driver database)

Hi-Max HM-ST50D


$12.00 + shipping

Buck driver

5-8.4 V 1 2x Li-ion

4200 mA

5 20 mm x 17 mm high - two boards in double layer Five modes - medium (30%), low (10%), high (100%), 9 Hz strobe, SOS.

Last updated 10 Jun 2011.


The Manafont driver is the one on which I relayed the stats. It's much better for serial LED applications, and it's HUGE. If you want to play with one, I can get you one in the mail. Just send me one of yours when they land.

thanks for the offer, but if it won't fit I'm in no hurry. Also, its my first order from manafont, so the worry/wait will be twice as bad if I owe the thing to someone else :)

BUT, you could caliper the width of the vertical piece for me, since that seems to be the minimum diameter the battery contact board could be trimmed to.

I'm not too worried about the efficiency, except that I guess that means it gets hot, too...

I've been looking for a driver along these exact lines as well. Got a single XML I want to power with 2x18650 in series, and only 3 modes (H-M-L) if at all possible. That KD driver looks very promising.